Race Format

Superflow™ racing is your mountain biking life with the volume turned up!

This is the series that has been taking our Rocky Trail gravity community by storm and the 2020 season is absolutely going to rock your world!

No guts, no glory!

These events truly are unique Australia-wide!

We offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders – from elite to amateur racers to families, couples and groups of friends riding together.

Within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages down – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! Race face on – photos included!!

You ride up to the starts un-timed and you can pick the order in which to tackle the race tracks – hop on your mate’s wheel, race in a party train or leave a gap – it’s all about SENDING IT!

Whatever category you’re in – perfect for families, groups of mates and couples of different ages and riding preferences!
Who’s going to clock in the fastest time?

How does it work?

Pick-up race plate

Read the online rider briefing & news ahead of the race and on the day pick up your race number from the rego desk.

Ride to start un-timed

You ride to the starts un-timed, which means you can spend all day together with mates, your partner or the junior frothers!

No start-order!

No worries! We have a flexible timing system so you can pick yourself when to race which stage – up to 5 runs on each!

LIVE timing

Start and finish of each race stage is automatic; we will have marshalls in place. Cross the line, check your result on your phone!

Important: Special COVID-19 Race Rules in place!

All competitors need to sign up online and please note that event Check-In is mandatory for any non-racer incl. spectators and supporter. Media representatives please get your event accreditation by contacting us ahead or get it on the day at the registration desk. Everyone must CHECK IN via the relevant Covid Check-In App with the QR Code displayed at the registration desk in the Rocky Trail event centre. Find App download and state/territory-specific information via our Covid Check-In portal!

However, what will never change is this:

Be ready for an absolute adrenaline rush as you smash down our Superflow™ race tracks to hunt down those seconds for the win!
Check it out:

Find out more:

Race background

Rocky Trail’s Superflow events have been based on the popular US and European enduro races. However, we have adapted the format to suit the specific features of the Australian landscape and venue conditions. The Superflow events have been growing over the years since we ran the first race in 2012 – we are proud that we developed these events to be so popular.

All events require riders to ride to the starts on their bikes and it that way the series offers a big variety of trails. All our trails can be as tough as you want them to be – there are always different line choices and generally, the faster and the harder you go, the more challenging they get. We specifically pick our venues to meet those requirements.

Want to know more about us?

About Us

Meet the Rocky Trail founders and find out more about our mission.

Our Team

We are so proud of the crew who are just as mad about cycling and rocky trails as the founders!

Our Spark

Camaraderie. A sense of belonging. Pride. Excitement. Our source of life energy & business motivation.

Entry fees | Age groups | Series info

Our Fox Superflows are accessible for a wide variety of mountain bikers who love that sense of excitement and the adrenaline surge of hitting a race stage, yet still enjoy the social aspect of spending all day out on the trails with the mates or family.

Race registration, rider briefing & regulations

Register online for each event – you will find a link on each race web portal.

During our temporary COVID-19 Response Period, competitors AND all additional event participants (e.g. supporters, media, general visitors) need to sign up online. The event accreditation for the non-competing event visitors is free, however, spots are limited.

Please note: all our races are stand-alone races and everyone is welcome. Some offer series points for an overarching challenge and this will be announced on the event website and via the rider briefing, plus reflected in the results.

Important: Every race participant has to agree to our race waiver.

Ahead of each race, we will email out an event- and venue-specific Rider Briefing, which will outline all the information you need for the event. We will also send out the link to the Rider List (you can navigate to it via the RESULTS portal too). Please also familiarise yourself with race regulations – here are the links to our general info portals:

Equipment: bike, helmet & protection

With so many bikes to choose from, there has never been a better time to be a Superflow rider! It comes down to finding the bike that works for you – choose something you can pedal all day, don’t worry too much about massive suspension like on a downhill bike. If you are exhausted from pedalling that beast, that suspension won’t save you!
Go for an all-mountain type bike with a good 120-160mm travel. A dropper seat post isn’t essential, but often comes in very handy for those pinchy climbs that sometimes sneak in.

At the Superflow events you won’t have to wear a full-face helmet, even though some riders choose to wear them.

At the Superflow events you won’t have to wear protective gear (elbow or knee pads or neck braces), even though some riders choose to wear them.


To compete in Rocky Trail events you are not required to be a member of a club or industry body. You are responsible to cover your own medical and ambulance insurance for the race. If you have any questions about which insurance to get, we are happy to give you some recommendations. – Why not contact via the Online Chat in the right-hand corner of your screen?

News & blogs

You can stay up to date with what’s happening in the Rocky Trail World by browsing through our News Portal – we regularly update it with event news and we share interesting blogs.

Here are the latest news articles/blogs and you will find a News/Blog section in each event drop-down menu too.

Latest Rocky Trail NEWS & BLOGS

It is time to go racing again in NSW!

We are prepping the events for November and December and aim to offer: the final 2021 NSW/ACT Series round of the Shimano MTB GP in Nowra, the final 2021 NSW/ACT Series round of the Fox Superflow at Awaba MTB Park near Newcastle and the JetBlack 24 in Rydal in Lithgow NSW. Scroll down for information

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Red Bull on ‘rocky trails’

Fun fact about the Rocky Trail Entertainment founders – did you know that Juliane and Martin are originally from Austria, the home country of Red Bull? As such they have been proud to have Red Bull Australia supporting their mountain bike races for over a decade – #rockytrailracers may chill out under the so iconic

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Rego desk: pick up your race plate

When you get to the event venue (and probably after grabbing a coffee!), head to the Rego Desk to pick up your race plate. You won’t be able to miss it – it’s the Rocky Trail tent right in the middle of the event centre. This will also be your main point of contact for any questions you might have; look out for the Race Director’s phone number on your race plate, should you need to contact him/her during the event.

See you there!
Important info on how to attach the race plate

When you attach the number plate to your bike please make sure that:

  • you attach it only onto the handlebar using the holes already in the plate
  • the chip on the back of the plate doesn’t touch any part of your frame or handlebar
  • you don’t cut, punch extra holes or alter the number plate

If the plate is not attached properly we can’t assure that the timing will work and some of your times might not be recorded.

Event services

We will send out event and/or venue-specific event service updates in the RIDER BRIEFING ahead of each race and here is some general information:

First Aid:
Will be on-site and out on track. We also have a system of roaming marshals to keep an eye on you and to lend a helping hand.

Tech Support:
Neutral support is available at majority of our races in the event centre for when those unforeseen mechanical issues pop up.

We will generally organise a catering service or coffee van for race day. Look out for race-specific updates in the Rider Briefing!

We ask that you bring your own water, please.

LIVE Results

All progress results are streamed LIVE via our Results Portal – as you cross the finish line of any race track, your time will be transmitted to our online race portal and you can check your time(s) on your phone right away. Also, your friends and family back home can check in as well, following your racing throughout the day!

Because you have up to five runs on each race track, these regular progress checks will become a huge part of your racing strategy!

Race photos included

Make sure you put your RACE FACE on!! That’s because your race entry includes ALL race photos from race day – you will receive a download link in the week after the event!

Results & photos

Results will be streamed to our online portal LIVE during the races and you can keep looking them up also after the event. Below is the link to the general race portal from which you can select the race you are/were at and this is where we will also publish any series points.

Race recovery

Racing is important. Warm-up and recovery are just as crucial!

Get to know your body and what is craves and needs throughout it all. Traditional warm-ups have focused on stretching and if you want to get more input, get information about mobility exercises, which will help to activate muscles and make them perform more effectively. Ideally not longer than 5 minute sessions, such mobility exercises include calf stretches and foam roller units.

To recover try and cool down before a full stop. After the race ends, take 5 minutes to soft-pedal and keep moving once you’re off the bike.

Keep up the hydration and power your recovery with protein. You could try compression socks, get a massage and then reset with plenty of rest.

Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Wild Wombat at Mogo near Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW, 2018

Keep in touch

After the race, keep in touch and connect with your fellow #rockytrailracers off the track!

Rocky Trail Radio

Listen to Rocky Trail Radio for awesome chooonz wherever you ride, train, work and hang out!

Rocky Trail Family

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Follow us on our Social Media Channels and share your experiences by using our official hashtag (each race has its own hashtag too, find it on the event website):


Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)