Race 3 | Awaba NSW | 24.04.2021

Get pumped, get frothing, get excited and get EWS Points when you
RACE the way you RIDE at the Awaba Fox Superflow(TM)!

The Fox Superflow(TM) is Australia’s most popular gravity enduro series! And in 2021 we will race all down the East Coast of Australia – from the tip up in Queensland’s Tropical North via NSW and the ACT way down South in Victoria. This Superflow season is absolutely going to rock your world and at the Awaba MTB Park race is an EWS Qualifier Event! This one of the most popular trail networks just outside of Newcastle with a very active downhill and gravity club base. This event will feature the brand-new flow trail, the Faulk Line!

Fox Superflow(TM) is racing the way you ride. Ride up at your own pace. Drop in with your buddies on each other’s tyre or leave a space to pin. It’s about doing party trains, railing berms and SENDING IT! Be a Rocky Trail racer and turn up the volume in your mountain bike life at the Fox Superflow!

This is friendly enduro racing without a tight schedule: You can pick the order in which to tackle the race stages, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time! You can do up to five runs on each stage, the fastest one counts and there are no start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and still lock your own best race run in!

Get ready for an absolute adrenaline rush as you smash down our Superflow race tracks to hunt down those precious seconds for the win!

Race the way you ride.

These events truly are unique Australia-wide!

What’s the challenge? Within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! Each event is a stand-alone event and you can also collect series points.

Who can race it? We offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders through our broad race categories – from elite to amateur racers to families with juniors, couples and groups of friends riding together. Put on your race face – all your race pics are included in the entry!

No start order! You ride to the starts un-timed and you can pick the order in which to tackle the race tracks, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time!

Pick-up race plate

Read the online rider briefing ahead of the race and on the day pick up your race number from the rego desk.

Ride to start un-timed

You ride to the starts un-timed, which means you can spend all day together with mates, your partner or the junior frothers!

No start-order!

No worries! We have a flexible timing system so you can pick yourself when to race which stage – up to 5 runs on each!

LIVE timing

Start and finish of each race stage is automatic; we will have marshalls in place. Cross the line, check your result on your phone!

All Fox Superflows are stand-alone races and all riders are welcome. You can also collect points for an overall series ranking throughout the season – details will be sent out via the Rider Briefing ahead of each race.

Special COVID-19 measures in place

Race day Saturday & Sunday*

Up to 5 runs of EACH track!

Fastest run counts, LIVE results.

What people love about the Superflow races is that they normally get to practice all day Saturday. With the COVID-19 measures this will change slightly and we will be racing on both days, Saturday AND Sunday in some venues*. You can select your preferred day when signing up.

What will not change is that you can still do up to 5 race runs on each track! You can also still pick the order in which you complete your race runs.
Your fastest run on each track counts and there are LIVE results! Cross the line, pull out your phone and see how you went!

IMPORTANT: Event accreditation is mandatory for any spectator, supporter or media. You must sign up via the race portal (free admission, but limited spots)!


Explore the trails together, make it a MTB weekend away! The race tracks are mostly downhill – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets!


On race day you complete a set of timed race stages within a set timing window. You ride to the starts untimed though, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time!

Your way.

There are no start orders, which means you can spend all day together with mates, your partner or the junior frothers! Racers of different ages and riding preferences will have a blast! Together.

Whatever category you’re in – perfect for families, groups of mates and couples of different ages and riding preferences! Who’s going to clock in the fastest time?

Important: Special COVID-19 Race Rules in place!

All competitors need to sign up online and please note that event accreditation is mandatory for any spectator, supporter or media. You must sign up via the spectator registration portal (free admission for visitor accreditation, but limited spots)!

Enduro World Series (EWS) Points

This event offers EWS points with an additional fourth track for EWS Elite racers.
All details confirmed closer to race day!


Olney State Forest – Jenkins Rd, Freemans Waterhole NSW

INFO: How to get there

How to get there coming from Sydney:
Head up the F3 freeway towards Newcastle (Highway 1).
After about 100 km take the exit toward Freemans Dr.
Turn right at Freemans Dr and drive for 4.6 km.
Turn right at Mount Faulk Rd and continue for 2.4 km.
From there you can see the MTB Park signs.

Not far from Newcastle and right near Lake Macquarie, these are the home trails of the Hunter Mountain Bike Association. Awaba MTB Park has an abundance of gravity and cross-country trails. If you have little shredders come along who are too young for the big Superflow trails, know that there are great tracks to explore with kids and junior and adaptive trails at Awaba MTB Park – the Fox Superflow schedule is very flexible, so if the family comes along you can hop on the junior trails with the kids in between race runs for the perfect riding and racing weekend getaway!

Race tracks

We intend to use the Stan’s and Fox trails from last year and Lazer will be a brand new flow line.

IMPORTANT – we need your help!

  • If you practice the trails before the event, we must ask that you ride at the park only in the direction of the race tracks as per the club track maps.
  • One of the race tracks currently is going in reverse (Stan’s), but we are ONLY allowed to ride/race that way on race day, which is when the park is closed for us to the public.
  • There were a few tight incidences already with public riders doing a climb and our practicing racers coming towards them down the hill at speed. Please help us avoid such incidents. We will review that particular track for next year.
  • If you can, help spread this message to fellow racers too. Thank you. J+M

Race pics included!

All race photos are included in your entry and elite and amateur racers of different ages and riding preferences will have a blast – adults and juniors alike! Our young shredders love it, because they not only can smash their mates but also mum and dad out on track!



8.30 am – 1 pm Registration open for Saturday Superflow
9 am – 3.30 pm Saturday Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs.
You get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest one counts.
3.30 pm Last Race Run


8.30 am – 1 pm Registration open for Sunday Superflow
9 am – 3.30 pm Sunday Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs.
3 tracks – 1 run on each track – you get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest counts.
3.30 pm Last Race Run

Please note that you need to pick your race day when you sign up online and the entry is only valid for that one day because of COVID-19 participant limits in place. This means that if you are registered for Saturday, you are not permitted on the trails or in the event centre on Sunday and vice versa.

Destinaton & Plan your trip

Camping: There are permanent toilets at Awaba MTB Park and you can camp on-site for free as it is a NSW State Forest. 

Accommodation: The closest tourism destinations are Newcastle, as well as the Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Central Coast Regions.


Virtual Presentation 2020
What went ‘down’ at the Fox Superflow at Awaba in 2019. Photos: OuterImage.com.au


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What I love about it? Racing with the family and catching up with friends. Such a good family weekend away enjoying the outdoors. Love it, miss it! 👌👍
Ruben Lezcano


April 2020 via Facebook

The organisers are super friendly and helpful. You can tell their passion for mtb has created an amazing atmosphere. 100% would recommend for any girls, beginners, and anyone who loves riding to have a go.
You can be as chilled or as competitive as you like; either way it’s a great day.


14 July 2019 via Facebook Review

Nice, casual, well run events with a variety of options for types of riders.


14 May 2019 via Facebook Review

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