Fox Superflow COVID-19 Rules

To re-start the season, the original Superflow format will be changed slightly and there will be new rules and regulations to make sure we all adhere to social distancing and gathering laws currently in place.

Those laws tend to change quickly and we will be constantly screening any developments – our racing rules will be a constant work in progress and we will keep adapting them over the next weeks and months. Our aim is to keep the format as close as possible to the original one that you love, but some changes will be necessary in the short run:


  • We are trying to control the racing field and split it up without stipulating any start orders. So you will select if you race on Saturday or Sunday in some venues – please check each event’s schedule for more details.
  • We will have to have a limited number of racing spots for both the Saturday as well as the Sunday Superflow.
  • The biggest change therefore is that we don’t have a dedicated practice day/time before the race runs anymore. However, you can still clock in up to 5 runs per track – you can use your first timed runs as practice and in build up speed during the day. We will still have LIVE results, so you can check your progress throughout they day.
  • Depending on rider numbers, we might have to allocate a time of day in the morning when registration/number plate pick-up is open to you. This is simply to control the amount of people gathering at the event centre before racing starts and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance. All those things will be communicated, if applicable, again in the event-specific online rider briefings ahead of the race.

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When it comes to racing there won’t be much difference and you won’t miss out on those adrenaline rushes as you hit the trails, except for the fact that it will generally be a bit quieter, because we are controlling the amount of people each day.


The main task for all race participants is to strictly observe social distancing throughout the whole event.

  • START: When you come to the start of one of the race tracks and people are lining up please keep at least 1 bike length between you and the person in front of you, please don’t overlap wheels.
  • TIMING: All timing points will be automated, but we will still have start and finish marshalls out on track of course. You can check your progress results throughout the day via our LIVE results portal.
  • RACING ACTION: With rider limits in place, more time to clock your race runs and racing on 2 days instead of 1 we anticipate that passing out on track will not happen very often anymore. May we ask that you give each other as much space as you can.
  • RESULTS: Will be published LIVE throughout the weekend, so you can check your progress results. Temporarily we will have 2 days of racing – you pick the day when you sign up, final results will be collated across categories and will be official at the end of racing on Sunday.
  • FINISH: When you come to the finish line huffing and puffing, please do stay at least 1 bike length away from your fellow riders. We will make sure that there is plenty of space there and if it looks like its getting crowded we will hold the start.

Want to know more about the RACE FORMAT? Click here.

Spectators and supporters

Every spectator, supporter or guardian plus ANY member of the public or media needs to register via the race online sign-up process. This will be a complementary race visitor entry and is FREE.

The reason we set it up this way is, because we are implementing a system of tracking not only competitors, but every single event participant through this accreditation process.

How it works:

  • We are investing in more timing and tracking equipment that will allow us to track movements in and out of the event centre as well as out on the race track.
  • Spectators/visitors must sign up through the links provided.
  • All those additional visitors will also need to come and see us on the day at the rego desk/info point to pick up a unique tag, ie. Visitor/Spectator Pass.
  • Remember, there won’t be a cost involved to you, but we need to make sure that we have all the contact details of everyone attending the event, even if you are not racing.

Important: There is also a limit on those spaces so please make sure you have registered before the event.

Rider briefing, registration and podium ceremony

Rider briefing will be done exclusively online and it is up to the rider to either read through it or watch the video. There will be a quiz to make sure you have gone through it…. just kidding….. or are we??

Please note:

  • RACE WAIVER: We have added a few paragraphs in our waiver outlining the dangers of Covid-19 and the fact that you resume all responsibility in regards to possibly getting sick when at the event. Please have a read through it. By entering and attending the event you agree to this Rocky Trail waiver.
  • PICK UP YOUR PLATE or SPECTATOR PASS: With this format we don’t expect any queues at registration, but in case there are others lining up, please keep a 1.5m distance between each other.
  • PRESENTATIONS: The podium presentation will also be done virtually after the race as some riders finish Saturday and we won’t know who has won until the end of the race on Sunday evening. The top 3 podium getters will receive a memento in the mail as a reward. – This is why we ask you to enter your mail address details when you sign up.

Hand wash stations and water

We will have hand sanitisers on site, but will not provide shared water canisters. Please bring your own drinking water. All other event services will be communicated in the event-specific online rider briefings ahead of the race.

If you feel sick – please don’t come

If you feel the sniffles or flu-like symptoms coming on, please don’t come to the race. Even if you find out in the morning let us know and we will be as forthcoming as possible with transferring your entry over to the next round. We reserve the right to deny entry if you have a fever or show flu-like symptoms.

Download our Covid Safe Rules guidesheet