Race 1 & 2 | Mount Buller VIC | 11.03.2023 NEW DATE

What a treat: not one but two VIC Rounds of Fox Superflow® racing at Mount Buller

Event Alert

Update 24/11/2022:
Race postponed – new date March 11+12 2023

Unfortunately the consistent wet weather in Victoria is once again causing problems with our event. We were just informed by the trail crew of Mt Buller that the gravity trails won’t be open in time for the event as the constant rain and snowfall is preventing them from doing the necessary work. They also don’t foresee that those trails will have a chance to be dry enough by the time we want to race on them, as even when it stops raining the water keeps seeping out of the ground.
With that in mind we have no other choice than to postpone the event and move all the entries over to the opening round of our Victorian Fox Superflow series in March.

Attention, registered racers, here are your options:
All existing registrations will automatically be transferred to the new date of the Mt Buller event. If the new date of 11+12 March 2023 suits you, you don’t have to do anything.

If you can’t make it to Mt Buller, we ask that you contact us via email to ride@rockytrailentertainment.com by 7 December 2022 to request a refund.

The long range weather forecasts predict that the coming months will be a lot drier and we certainly hope that this is correct. We once again thank you for your patience and look forward to having you at the startline in March.

Juliane & Martin Wisata
Rocky Trail Directors


Update 1/11/2022:
This event was originally to be held at Falls Creek but due to the closure of the Falls Creek resort we have moved the event to Mount Buller.

The Falls Creek Fox Superflow® will be going ahead 9+10 December 2023

Dear Rocky Trail Racers,

Late last month Rocky Trail Entertainment announced that the recent Falls Creek Resort closure due to a landslide on the major access road caused a postponement of the two VIC Series Rounds of our Fox Superflow®.

We have been working closely together Falls Creek resort team on determining a new date, which has been set for 9+10 December 2023. The original event weekend this year on 10+11 December 2022 was going to be hosting the two final Rounds of this year’s Fox Superflow® Series, which we feel obligated to deliver for our racers as originally planned.

We therefore secured an alternate venue for that date: Mt Buller. Our current registrations indicate a huge uptake on the 2-day, 2-round and 6-race track Fox Superflow®.

Attention, registered racers, here are your options:

1. All existing registrations will automatically be transferred to the Mt Buller event. If the new venue on the original 10+11 December 2022 suits you, you don’t have to do anything but to get ready for Mt Buller with us in December.

2. If you can’t make it to Mt Buller, you have two options and we ask that you contact us via email to ride@rockytrailentertainment.com by 7 November 2022 to:
a) Transfer to the new date 9+10 December 2023 date at Falls Creek, OR
b) Request a refund.

We would like to thank both Falls Creek Resort and the Mt Buller Resort Management Boards for their support of Rocky Trail Entertainment and acknowledge their teams going above and beyond to assist our events team. We also acknowledge the great support of Blue Dirt who will be offering their shuttle services as per the race concept schedule at both venues.

We continue to be beyond excited to have these two major Alpine MTB riding destinations on the Fox Superflow® events calendar with dates confirmed for 2023 already. The full series line-up along the Australian East Coast will be announced shortly.

Online registrations for Mt Buller will resume asap and will be announced via our email and social media channels. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to wrapping up our VIC Series and 2022 Season.

Thank you,
Juliane & Martin Wisata
Rocky Trail Directors

Fox Superflow® racing is your MTB life with the volume turned up!

The world-class Mount Buller Mountain Bike Park offers km’s of gravity and flow in the Victorian High Country – “Race the way you Ride” with Rocky Trail on six, yes six of Mount Buller’s epic trails!

There’s one race with uplift shuttles, there’s one race to ride uphill and you can pick which race you do on what day! Drop in with your buddies on each other’s tyre or leave a space to pin. It’s about doing party trains, railing berms and SENDING IT!


This is friendly enduro racing without a tight schedule: You can pick the order in which to tackle the race stages, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time! You can do up to five runs on each stage, the fastest one counts and there are no start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and still lock your own best race run in!

Get ready for an absolute adrenaline rush as you smash down our Superflow® race tracks to hunt down those precious seconds for the win! At this Fox Superflow® weekend you can do your 5 race runs and pick which Round you want to do and when when you sign up online!


Mount Buller MTB Park – Horse Hill Car Park Rd, Mount Buller VIC 3723

The Tracks

Round 5 (Shuttled)


The ever popular “Copperhead” track has just gotten better and better with the 2021/22 track realignment taking out some of the straight line sections and adding to the flow. 2.4km long Dropping 270m

Bomber –

The original gravity track the “ABOM” has transformed over its 25+ years of existence but still contains those original features that has drawn rider to Mt Buller for all thous years. 1.8km long, dropping 270m

Raceface –

The most technical “OUTLAW” has been reshaped to take out some of the loosest sections and added some faster sections. We think you’ll love it. 1.9km long, dropping 270m  

Round 6 (Pedalled)


The “Misty Twisty” trail is one of the best flow tracks in the country. 1.3km long and drops 120m


“Clancy’s Run” has some jumps that are worth sessioning but you don’t need them to be fast. 1.2km long and drops 120m


“Gang Gangs” with the “One Tree Hill” extension is short but fun with a couple of pedally sections to differentiate racers from riders. 1.2km long and drops 90m


In Mount Buller we will run 2 races at the same time and on both days.

Race 5 is shuttled and Race 6 is pedalled up and you pick your days and races. In order to minimise queues you will have the following options to choose from:

  • 2 Days: Saturday Shuttled – Sunday Pedalled
  • 2 Days: Saturday Pedalled – Sunday Shuttled
  • 1 Day: Saturday Shuttled
  • 1 Day: Sunday Shuttled
  • 1 Day: Saturday Pedalled
  • 1 Day: Sunday Pedalled

The cost per race/day is $89 for adults, $69 for juniors.
The one day shuttle cost of $55 is added for the shuttled Race 5.

Registration Open7:30 – 1:00 PM
Saturday Race Runs
You get 5 race runs on each track
9:00 – 3:30 PM
Last Race Run3:30 PM
Registration Open7:30 – 1:00 PM
Sunday Race Run
You get 5 race runs on each track
9:00 – 3:30 PM
Last Race Run3:30 PM
Event Wrap Up3:45 PM

Race pics included!

All race photos are included in your entry and elite and amateur racers of different ages and riding preferences will have a blast – adults and juniors alike! Our young shredders love it, because they not only can smash their mates but also mum and dad out on track!

Destination & Plan your trip

In Summer, Mount Buller alpine resort turns into an outdoor adventure mecca, allowing you to explore the wonders of the Victorian High Plains – on and off the ‘rocky trails’!


Want to be a part of the race? Partners, supporters or parent helpers are welcome – email ride@rockytrailentertainment.com for more information or chat to Jo our Event Manager on the day.

For more information, visit our “Join the Crew” page.

More destination and travel information coming soon!

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The organisers are super friendly and helpful. You can tell their passion for mtb has created an amazing atmosphere. 100% would recommend for any girls, beginners, and anyone who loves riding to have a go.
You can be as chilled or as competitive as you like; either way it’s a great day.


14 July 2019 via Facebook Review

Best endurance race series in Australia. Well organised every time.


11 April 2018 via Facebook Reviews

Fox Superflow events are fantastic. My son completed 3 events this year, they are really well run and family friendly events.


5 December 2019 via Facebook Reviews

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