Fox Superflow: the 2021 Evolution

Our Marketing Director and brand strategist Juliane Wisata provides an insight into the journey of the Fox SuperflowTM as it evolved from the early “Rollercoaster” days in 2012.
She provides some insights into the 2021 plans – in principle, the “pick you race day” concept will remain for most venues close to metropolitan centres to ensure no or short start queues and maximum riding and racing fun by splitting the 300-400+ fields across two (maybe event three) days. Will will introduce a new 2-day racing set up for some new and regional venues to encourage you to travel and explore new trails with – at those races you get timed runs on both days!

In summary,

Martin and I founded in 2012 how we loved to ride, saw popularity on trips overseas and wanted to emulate the format and adapt it to Australia. We’re in our 10th season now and ended up creating a unique race format that has become one of the fastest growing gravity series in Australia.

We have been adapting the early Rollercoaster races and they have evolved into the Fox SuperflowTM, now a strong brand on the Australian gravity racing scene. invested in timing equipment and crew set ups to make the flexible schedule happen – we now see so many groups of mates, couples and families especially hitting the race tracks, spending all day together out on those trails.

Our key learnings from 2020

The five months of racing in 2020 made last year our biggest Fox SuperflowTM Season, ever.

During Covid a massive learning curve was that this concept specifically allowed us to control the social distancing regulations and with the rising popularity of the Superflow, we went to Sat and Sunday as race days – the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Whilst everyone was so keen to race, even with 300 to the 450 racers we had over the three days in Canberra’s Stromlo Forest park in September there were no queues at the starts. Generally the field disperses quickly across the day, because you can pick the order in which you complete the race stages and it all has a relaxed feel because you can do up to 5 runs on each of the race tracks (usually there’s 3). But the split across 2 and the 3 race days in Stromlo meant another relief of the start queues.

Our 2021 Plans

For 2021 we have a next level of an evolution planned for you. You can expect a massive line up of venues pretty much all along the East Coast of Australia – QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC. We will be racing form all the way up in Atherton, Mackay and Townsville for the QLD North Series all the way down to a South East Queensland Series. The Fox Superflow will travel along the NSW Coast, the ACT and all the way to Gippsland via Mt Buller in Victoria. We will bring you a lot of the classic SuperflowTM venues close to metropolitan cities and many new ones the invite you to travel further afield.

Traditionally at the venues close to Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, South East Queensland and at Stromlo Forest Park particularly, we get bigger crowds, now in excess of 300 or 400 riders and we want to keep the “pick your race day” – Saturday or Sunday (maybe adding the Monday at some venues too) to get you the chance to still race with your mates (just sign up together) but then to have lots of space and get lots of runs in.

However, at the venues that are further away – say Atherton QLD or Mt Taylor in VIC and others we will offer you to race on both days. We expect 200-250 riders there and that is absolutely manageable and fun to ride and race with, especially if you can get timed on both days. We’ll be finetuning all the details and schedules and will put some very visible icons up on the event sites, so you know right away if it’s a one (you pick) or two-day (you RACE on both) timed event.

With this, we’re looking forward to seeing you at our start lines – Race the way you RIDE with us, you’ll love it!

Juliane Wisata
Juliane Wisata

Founder, owner, Marketing Director