Fox Superflow® VIC Series: Final rounds at Mt Buller cancelled due to snow

“We have good news and bad news for you”…. it’s like the good, the bad and the ugly, really. Let’s roll it up backwards:

  • The ugly: Unfortunately we will not be able to deliver the final two Series Rounds of the VIC Fox Superflow® Series 2022 this year as originally planned at Buller.
  • The bad: The ongoing wet weather, with rain – and recently also snow – at Buller means that the gravity trails at Mount Buller Bike Park will not open in time for our 10+11 December date.
  • The good: Registration remains open, all entries are transferred to the 11+12 March 2023 date and see other options below. We’ll kick off the 2023 Season at Buller in March and long-range weather forecasts are looking good. The VIC Series is concluded with results to date and we will be mailing out the custom-mudguards in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. Please scroll down for the official statement.


Update 24/11/2022, 9am:
Race postponed – New date March 11+12 2023

Unfortunately the consistent wet weather in Victoria is once again causing problems with our event. We were just informed by the trail crew of Mt Buller that the gravity trails won’t be open in time for the event as the constant rain is preventing them from doing the necessary work on them. They also don’t foresee that those trails will have a chance to be dry enough by the time we want to race on them, as even when it stops raining the water keeps seeping out of the ground.
With that in mind we have no other choice than to postpone the event and move all the entries over to the opening round of our Victorian Fox Superflow® series in March.

Attention, registered racers, here are your options:
All existing registrations will automatically be transferred to the new date of the Mt Buller event. If the new date of 11+12 March 2023 suits you, you don’t have to do anything.

If you can’t make it to Mt Buller, we ask that you contact us via email to by 7 December 2022 to request a refund.

The long range weather forecasts predict that the coming months will be a lot drier and we certainly hope that this is correct. We once again thank you for your patience and look forward to having you at the startline in March.

Juliane & Martin Wisata
Rocky Trail Directors