General Rider Briefing & Race Etiquette

In the following we’d like to share a general rider briefing and guide to race etiquette that we promote at Rocky Trail events – it is based on the official rider briefing speech that our Race Director Martin Wisata holds ahead of race starts.


We expect all our racers to be respectful to each other and to look out for one another. When coming up to a slower rider let him or her know when and where you want to overtake. Talk to each other, be friendy and patient. When being overtaken please move to the side as quickly as you can.

If you are overtaking:

  • Please let the rider ahead know that you are there – “Hey, when you get a chance, can I get past?”
  • If there are more of you, like a whole “train of pain”, tell the rider ahead how many riders will be overtaking.
  • Make sure that the rider in front has a safe spot to let you past, communication is key!
  • Ideally call out where you’ll pass: “I’ll go on your left/right!” – Make sure that the rider in front is on the safe side of the track.
  • If you can, say thanks – “Cheers, mate, have a good ride, you’re doing really well!”

If you are being overtaken:

  • Remember to stay calm. You don’t have to stop, again communication is key. You could say, “There’s a spot ahead, go on my left/right!” or “Just a second, it’s a bit tight here, I’ll get to the side in a sec.”
  • Be mindful that the overtaking rider might be more experienced than you and see a gap where you don’t. We will have asked everyone to overtake in a courteous and respectful manner, so trust in their abilities.
  • See it also as a chance to say G’day to each other and cheer each other on, embrace this racing situation. You are putting yourself out there and you should be so proud of yourself!
  • If you still feel unsure, do stop, take a breath and continue your race when you are ready. It takes as much of a skill set to be overtaken as it does to overtake.
  • If you are worried at all, do talk to the any of our Rocky Trail crew.


Please don’t throw away any rubbish and bring all used wrappers back to the event centre. Keep the tracks tidy!

Staying on track

The track is clearly marked and you need to stay on the track regardless of corners being bunted or not.

Rider down procedure

When you come across a fallen rider you need to check that he or she is ok. If not stay with the injured rider and let the next rider know to notify us at the event centre or the nearest marshall. If you loose time because you have helped an injured rider and it makes a difference in the final results you will get a time bonus at the end of the race.

Flash Phography

Our photographers from Outer Image are out on track taking your pictures. Sometimes they do use flash photography.


You have a timing chip on the back of your number plate. After every completed lap/race run you need to cross the timing mats with that number plate on the front of your bike. Double check throughout the race that your times are coming up. Talk to us if there are any irregularities.

Transition – XC lap races

In cross-country lap-events, if you are racing in a team only one rider per team is out on the track at any given time as it’s a relay race. When you transition to your team mate there needs to be physical contact between the riders. A high five or tap on the shoulder will do.

Enjoy your Rocky Trail race and good luck.