Groovy tunes for #rockytrailracers

Our resident DJ Mista Nige is helping to get you ready for the 2019 season of racing with us. Turn up the speakers, close your eyes and dream of flowy trails to the tunes of #rockytrailradio! Here we go:

DJ Mista Nige has been one of our most ‘entertaining’ crew members for almost a decade and will be performing LIVE at the Jetblack 24 Hour in Rydal in the Lithgow destination next! He’ll be at many of our 2019 events, promising funky beats.

If you love his choooonz like us, share it on Facebook or Instagram and add the hashtag #rockytrailradio so we can follow your stories!

If you feel like more from DJ Mista Nige check out his Mixcloud page