About Us

An early-morning ride in the fresh autumn air.
A gnarly descent in the afternoon heat.
An adrenaline-fueled descent.
Collapsing at the top of a climb and then to enjoy the view.
The focus and calm when re-discovering your favourite trail.
The curiosity and thrill when exploring a brand-new track.
The feeling when you absolutely rail a corner or spectacularly nail a jump for the first time…

Those are exactly the moments we live and work for:

We want you to

This company exists and thrives, because we are spreading our passion for racing in this amazing cycling and mountain biking community that we are all part of and help shape every day. With every ride. With every race. With every moment and every memory we treasure.

This is our life on rocky trails and we love sharing it with our Rocky Trail community. Join our tribe – be part of the Rocky Trail Family!

Our Rocky Trail Story

Our mission is to organise events where you can race the way you ride.

We want our events to spark and feed your love for racing, challenging yourself and fellow #rockytrailracers. We deliver events where podium chasers can line up with Australia’s elites and experienced endurance racers and were casual racers have a blast, all feeling safe and part of our community.

From the first time between the tape to people who have spent a lifetime training for power output, we will have you covered. We want to motivate our racers to be active and have fun outdoors and we want to support each and everyone of them to achieve their racing goals.

The Rocky Trail story started way back in the early 2000’s when Juliane and Martin Wisata caught the mountain bike riding and racing bug in Australia. Fresh out of uni and off the plane from Austria, they moved into a tiny townhouse in Sydney’s suburb of Leichhardt. Without a car, they started exploring their new home on bikes and soon started venturing out onto ‘rocky trails’ where they met many like-minded outdoor lovers and friends for life. Soon they were not only riding every mountain bike trail they could find every weekend but started to compete in races together. It was there that this mutual love for mountain biking sparked the idea to spread this passion.

Rocky Trail founders Martin and Juliane.

We founded Rocky Trail Entertainment Pty Ltd in 2008 and our first race had eight competitors at the start line – including the two of us! Since then we have organised close to 300 events and still love that we can help cyclists discover how much fun it is to not only to ride but to race their mountain bikes out on rocky trails with us.

We have created a strong community of riders who feel connected through the memorable experiences we create for them at our events. We are so proud that we have been able to promote this healthy lifestyle and our company keeps evolving with our community of riders, supporters and crew.

We constantly look for new exciting cycling and mountain bike racing destinations and keep implementing innovative processes and approaches to deliver professional and entertaining events where our athletes can achieve their personal goals and not only challenge their personal bests but also others.

Our ultimate objective that we keep working towards is to nurture and grow our Rocky Trail community that our #rockytrailracers are proud of with us. We love celebrating their victories and at the same time deliver a set of events that is less of an elite- and winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all participants – on awesome trails at fun and exciting destinations!

With our son Cosmo we are currently based on the NSW Central Coast and are proud of our team who travel with and for us to deliver events across NSW, the ACT, in QLD and VIC.

We both still are passionate mountain bikers and whilst Martin will often take his road bike out for a training ride or a spin around the local lake, he manages a team of racers with whom he competes at national and international cycling events together. Since becoming a mum, Juliane has acquired a new appreciation and love for trail running – she has been working on implementing a trail running element in her women’s only ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’ event.

Our professional and personal experiences in action

Rocky Trail Entertainment is now one of the biggest cycling events companies in Australia.

We are the only mountain bike events promoter in Australia who runs events across the entire annual calendar and in three states NSW, VIC and QLD and the ACT. We provide a powerful promotional platform to sponsors and a huge variety of events covering cross-country marathon and lap races, gravity and superflow enduro events for a wide range of cyclists.

We are entrepreneurs and our combined professional know-how originates from careers in International and Australian corporate environments in the food manufacturing, marketing and retail industries as well as tourism and leisure management and events delivery. Since 2012 we have been sharing our experience in strategic marketing and tourism management as lecturers of “Entrepreneurship” in the Tourism and Leisure Management Faculty at the IMC University of Applied Science at its campuses in Krems/Austria, Baku/Azerbaijan and Sanya/China.

With our Rocky Trail Communication division we are looking after PR and media projects for key clients in the cycling industry. We have worked in advisory and consulting roles for major international events, including the Crocodile Trophy, Alpentour Trophy and Mongolia Bike Challenge.

Through our activities under the Rocky Trail Destination banner we strive to discover, help develop and secure new event venues and cycling destinations.

Our most recently launched initiative is the Rocky Trail Academy which is all about fostering the grass-roots development of the cycling sport and we are still refining and developing the concepts.

Our team has expanded to include Jo Parker and Bob Morris as Event Managers. Graham Sonter and Erica Price will be at most events as Event Officers. We all share a passion for cycling and mountain biking and combine our decade-long experiences in events management, tourism and leisure management as well as strategic marketing campaign development and implementation.

The Rocky Trail Core Team: Event Officer Graham Sonter, Founders Juliane & Martin Wisata, Event Managers Jo Parker and Bob Morris.
Erica Price – Event Officer since day one.

We want to encourage people to discover how much fun it is to ride and race a mountain bike and to meet fellow riders – in cycling destinations and at mountain bike events that rock!


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