Our Team

Our founders Juliane and Martin Wisata are the Directors of the business and as we move into our second decade in business, our management team has expanded to include Jo Parker and Bob Morris as Event Managers. Graham Sonter and Erica Price will be at most events as Event Officers. We all share a passion for cycling and mountain biking and combine our decade-long experiences in events management, tourism and leisure management as well as strategic marketing campaign development and implementation.

Each event requires a crew of 20-30 people to deliver memorable experiences and we are grateful that we have built a network and assembled a crew around us over the years who all are as passionate about Rocky Trail Entertainment as we are.

Event development: Our flagship events and series have developed over the years based on the original ideas by Juliane and Martin. We met a lot of people over the years – crew, supporters and racers alike – who have helped shape and evolve our races to the events and experiences they are today. We never stop exploring ideas and re-thinking concepts. At the core of all discussions and each event delivery are our racers: we want to knock their socks off with awesome races, give them the adrenaline surges that they are looking for, the community connection the yearn for and the friendly and safe environment that they deserve.

Event planning: The core team with Juliane, Martin, Jo and Bob puts in a lot of planning work months and months before each race. Nothing is left to chance. Bob has been working in the cycling and events industry since the early 90’s and Jo is a highly skilled project and event manager. Our range of event brands have successfully evolved and established themselves in key venues and we have specifically changed our business model that we can deliver these concepts to more regional cycling destinations, complementing our metropolitan flagship races. We immensely enjoy travelling to new regions and love it when a local club invites us for a ride to check out their trails for an event!

Event centre: It’s when we are in an event centre that the Rocky Trail spirit really shines – when all our competitors, supporters and crew bring it to life! From the moment you arrive and park your car you will feel part of the ‘Rocky Trail Family’, even if it’s your first time at one of our races. We love catching up with repeat #rockytrailracers and meeting new ‘victims’ about to catch our racing bug! You will get your own personalised race plate and then it’s the build-up to the race start or race runs that will make the atmosphere really exciting.

The race tracks: Based on the know-how from partner clubs and local racers, Martin and Bob are the master-minds behind the race track maps and operations. Juliane and Jo implement and execute marketing and other event preparations. All race tracks will be assessed on their risk and safety aspects and marked accordingly; we have regular and local marshals who roam the trails and Graham who sweeps the trails.

Event experience: It will be memorable – the music is an important element for us and at some events our ‘in-house DJ’ Mista Nige will be there pumping out the choonz live. We have launched a Rocky Trail Radio portal with our favourite playlists that we’ll play sometimes as well and you can play it from your phone to take our race vibes home or out on your next training ride! At most events we have an MC – Paul Craft has been commentating many of our cross-country events over the years.

Event memories: You’ll be leaving our races with that excited and happy feeling (and sore legs!) and you can also take your memories with you in the form of photos. Most of our events have all rider photos included in the entries, look out for the details about the rider photos by Gil and Richard from Outer Image Collective when you sign up!

Event safety: At any event, our nominated Race Director is in charge of all event safety aspects and emergency communications. We contract professional first aid crews who are experienced in mountain biking activities and injuries. Our risk and safety assessments and emergency procedures are constantly reviewed with those partners and they are briefed on any specific local elements they need to be aware of. Our marshals are in close contact with medical and event management crews.

Event catering: Nutrition and hydration are important and we outsource all catering activities. Many events will be catered by “The Daily Espressos” who have been looking after us from day one and in other, regional areas, we get local partners on board. Expect delicious, hearty and healthy meals, snacks and treats – cold drinks and piping hot tea and coffee (of course!).

Rocky Trail Family: Off the trails we stay in touch via regular email newsletters and our social media channels! Join the Rocky Trail Family Group on Facebook, follow our Instagram and like our Facebook page and you’ll be in the know about all things riding and racing with us!

See you out there on those rocky trails!

We want to encourage people to discover how much fun it is to ride and race a mountain bike and to meet fellow riders – in cycling destinations and at mountain bike events that rock!

Want to know how, when, where and which event to pick? Do you want us to support you with cycling destination branding or need assistance with event management?

Email us at cycle@rockytrailentertainment.com or call us – we love to talk about riding and racing!