Our Team

Founded in 2008 by Juliane and Martin Wisata Rocky Trail Entertainment has assembled a highly experienced management team with Jo Parker and Bob Morris leading the charge of event operations. The business operates across NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT with core support and operational crews in each state.

The Rocky Trail support office plays a crucial role in ensuring that events run smoothly and that riders have the best possible experience. Led by a dedicated and experienced team, the support office handles everything from event admin to marketing and communications, ensuring that every detail is taken care of. Thanks to their hard work and expertise, riders can enjoy the excitement of the events, knowing that everything behind the scenes is being managed with precision and care. The support office is a key part of the Rocky Trail family, and their commitment to the company’s values and goals is an essential part of the success of the business.

Each event requires a crew of 20-30 people to deliver memorable experiences and we are grateful that we have built a network and assembled a crew around us over the years who all are as passionate about Rocky Trail Entertainment as we are.

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See you out there on those rocky trails!

We want to encourage people to discover how much fun it is to ride and race a mountain bike and to meet fellow riders – in cycling destinations and at mountain bike events that rock!

Want to know how, when, where and which event to pick? Do you want us to support you with cycling destination branding or need assistance with event management? Do you want to work with us?

Email us at ride@rockytrailentertainment.com or call us – we love to talk about riding and racing!