How to: Corner faster!

Get faster (awesome skill to pick up during lockdown!) – Learn how to corner faster with these tips thanks to @mtb_skills_sydney

Move your hips, remain active on the bike.

​From berms to flat corners, the key technique is to move your hips and remain active on the bike. This sometimes feels easier on a berm, as it naturally guides you, but people struggle to replicate on flat.

Think laser precision

​A great tip is to imagine a laser beam that fires direct from your belly button, and where the laser beam goes, your eyesight follows, and so will the bike.

​This can be done in a park, using some cones or sticks as markers, and you can progress to faster and faster turns. Almost all riders have a preferred way to turn where they are faster, so double your reps on your ‘slower’ side.

​You will be absolutely surprised how much speed you can gain in some practice sessions.

​No need to switch feet or move stance at the start, just focus on turning those hips and aiming that laser beam!

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