How to race your first race: Fox Superflow® edition

The Fox Superflow® is racing the way you ride: Ride up at your own pace. Drop in with your buddies on each other’s tyre or leave a space to pin. It’s about doing party trains, railing berms and SENDING IT!

This is friendly enduro racing without a tight schedule: You can pick the order in which to tackle the race stages, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time! Do up to five runs per stage, the fastest one counts. There are no start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and lock your own best race run in!

Scroll down for our tips that will get you to the start line!

Rocky Trail Fox Superflow, Awaba, 2021

Getting ready for race day

First thing, realise racing is not a big deal (at all levels, everyone is friendly) and its especially designed not to be a scary prospect.

​Tip 1 – If you can, ride the track before race day.

If you can’t, head to YouTube, which has nearly every track ever. Generally the day before we’ll have tracks taped up and marked for you to check out on-site. You’ll get weather and venue-specific info via the rider briefing in the week leading up to race day too.

​Tip 2 – Do fitness math.

You need to put down 3 (sometimes 4) race runs. You should do one sighting lap. So that’s six ups, and we assume the downs you just enjoy. Do not burn your matches early, and try to race up the mountain over and over, you will bonk, you will be tired. Whatever your plan of runs is, use the whole day.

Little secret: in general, the fastest runs are always late in the day, traffic is lower, you are more relaxed. 6 runs is a run per hour/45 mins, everyone has that.

​Tip 3 – Eat and drink.

If you are chilling up the climbs (walk if you want) you should be easily able to fuel yourself (even if you aren’t fit). The most important thing is hydration, next is electrolytes, next is carbs. There are a zillion drinks that do all three.

​Tip 4 – Don’t reinvent the wheel on race day.

Don’t overcarb, over caffeine, or do anything out of the ordinary. People often eat way too many gels and get stomach discomfort, or have way too much coffee and end up cramping. Water first, light food and in small amounts next. Don’t sit down and have a huge lunch and think you will be shredding after.

​Tip 5 – You are not going to out ride a mistake/off/issue/mechanical.

If you have a bad line, an off track or have to let riders through, we strongly recommend you chill and really check out the track ready for a full commit ride next one.

​Tip 6 – Smooth is fast, fast is smooth.

The harder you try, the more stiff you are, the speed in berms comes from the exit, not the entry.

​Tip 7 – Know when to pedal

Race secret – mentally lock the straight race sections in – when it’s straight is when you just put your head down and pedal.

​Tip 8 – Bad day? Don’t beat yourself up!

There are literally endless amounts of races and a million more minutes on the bike. If you have a bad day, shrug, and do a little better in the next one. At the end of the day it’s also about having an awesome day out in nature with fellow #rockytrailracers doing what you love together.

Got a tip we missed? Let us know, otherwise, see you at the races!

Do you have any questions?

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