In the bag: Top 20 in the Mongolia Bike Challenge

For the third time Rocky Trail’s co-founder Martin Wisata competed in the Mongolia Bike Challenge, a six day stage race in Central Asia.

“From day one in 2016 I have been hooked on this race and this country. It is so much more than an event, it’s an experience that is unique, takes you out of your comfort zone and lets you dive into an incredibly interesting and ancient culture.” – Martin Wisata

Find all the official race reports by Juliane Wisata on the Mongolia Bike Challenge website here:

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6 and final day

Race complete! Martin Wisata crossed the finish line of the Mongolia Bike Challenge after six tough days in the saddle.

“I didn’t have anything left today”, he said. “I went very hard yesterday and today there were so many climbs… I knew I had about an hour to play with, but I was really doing it tough today. My goal was to stay in the top 20 overall and deliriously saw it floating away already, the guy behind me raced so hard today and I couldn’t keep up – I did keep my 19th spot by 30 seconds though, so I’ll have the best night’s sleep tonight. Finally, a true and honest result at this race after two years of stomach bugs and bronchitis. I race my heart out and am really proud of my place – above all I thoroughly loved the experience again, such amazing people, old and new friends around me… after a stage race is before the next stage race!”

After a stage race is before a stage race…

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