Introducing: Diamonds in the Dirt – Rocky Trail’s Women’s Event.

Diamonds in the Dirt.

Because all women are gems.


Hi, My name is Juliane and I’m one of the founders of Rocky Trail Entertainment. Let’s face it – as women we have to juggle jobs, businesses, families, kids, friends, social commitments and somehow also get some sort of a fitness regime in to look good, have the latest outfits, flashy hair cuts and be in a good mood all the time.

I’ve found that when I’m on a bike all those things I constantly worry about (and most of the time for no reason anyway), fade away. I soak up nature and the sounds around me and get my energy levels up. When I get back “to life” I’m refreshed and ready to keep going. And isn’t it so much more fun when you’re riding with other women?

Don’t get me wrong, my husband Martin and I often go for a ride together, but not only is he stronger than me, he also most of the time rides for different reasons. His rides, even during the week, are all about performance and training and getting ready for the next big race on his calendar. I ride to train as well, buy ya know what, sometimes I just love to cruise around and enjoy the sun in my face, listen to the bell birds around me and let my mind wander. There it is I said it.

What’s been happening

My Rocky Trail life has been quite shaken up over the past few months and I haven’t been on my bike since April. Whilst it used to be just my husband and I we now have a little bub on the way. I thought I’d be this active pregnant lady on a bike (and my gosh, they’re out there), but between early nausea and feeling just too uncomfortable on the bike (and I guess being a bit-over protective too) it’s been lots of walking, swimming and Yoga since then. I’m counting down the last few weeks until D-day as I’m typing this.

Our whole life revolves around bikes, races, our events and travelling and soon there’s going to be this little person that will be a big part of it all and no doubt will add his demands into the mix as well. Will I be able to juggle it all? Will we still be able to ride together and go to races ourselves? The plan is yes, of course, and being exposed to this whole new dimension of “adult life” over the past few months I’ve had this idea that is starting to assume shape. So here it is:

I wanted to create a women’s event for fellow mountain bikers!

Diamonds in the Dirt – Rocky Trail’s Women’s Event
Because all women are gems.


The Colour – Who this event is for:

I want this to be an event for any kind of mountain biker and fellow women at that. It should be a friendly environment where it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, have kids or not, prefer lycra or baggy shorts, whether you’re into pink or not at all. Whether you’ve just started riding or never participated in a mountain bike event before. I want you to come, if you love racing to share your passion for riding and pass on that racing bug. You should come if you want to give yourself a challenge, like me – I’ll be getting back on my bike after a baby break, so the more support (emotionally especially) that I can get the better!

And hey, let’s get the boys to come as well! Let them look after the kids – there’s great kids trails at Awaba and they can run a few fun kids races for them. They can help with mechanicals and timing and make sure we won’t have to worry about anything but staying upright on those bikes. Sounds like a plan?


The Carat – The Facts:

Venue: Awaba MTB Park
Date: 2 July 2016
Track: ~5-6 km loop of the most fun single and bush trails you’ll find between Sydney and Newcastle
Format: 2 or 3 hours


The Clarity – Why a timed event?

I find when I ride with women, I’m more motivated and keen to try out new sections and show others my favourite lines as well. There are so many fast and skilled women out there riding and racing that I meet through Rocky Trail Entertainment and they are an absolute inspiration to me. And I find when I do compete in a race, I enjoy the challenge I’m faced with and sometimes it’s a good thing to go out of your comfort zone – life’s too short to keep doing the same thing day in and day out.


So, there you go, now pick what you want to ride:


The Cuts – Categories:

  • Marquise – Experienced riders – 3 hrs
    Experienced in racing scene, you have your eyes set on the podium and will ride in the pointy end of the field
  • Classic –  Confident riders – 3 hrs
    You’ve been riding for a while, have done a few races or have an intermediate level of fitness.
  • Radiant – Up and coming riders – 3 hrs
    You are a raw diamond when it comes to MTB or are looking for a non-pressured and friendly race experience. You want to challenge yourself to come, participate and do your best.
  • Princess –  Junior Solo U15 – 3 hrs
    This is for the youngest diamonds among us. You like riding, are confident to ride on single trails and perhaps have been in a race before.
  • Princess –  Junior Solo U18 –  3 hrs 
    This is for the youngest diamonds among us. You like riding, are confident to ride on single trails and perhaps have been in a race before.
  • Emerald Pairs – 3 hrs
    Team of 2 – Don’t want to do it all by yourself, bring a friend and do it relay-style, you get to rest in between laps.
  • Heart Junior Pairs – 3 hrs
    Juniors Team of 2 U18 riders. Relay-style like the Emeralds.



I’m looking forward to the next few months and getting ready for this event and back on the bike – will keep you all posted about our little Rocky Trail Baby too! 🙂

It would be wonderful if you could help us spread the word and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at – I’ll be putting an FAQ section together over the next few months, so the more questions I get from you, the better! I’ve been talking to some very enthusiastic fellow riders already who will come on board with advice on event preparation and skills clinics and fun activities in the lead up too!