JetBlack 24 H recommends: Gloryfy Unbreakable for ultimate sun protection

The Rocky Trail Crew and Racing Teams have been using Gloryfy Unbreakable glasses for years and especially in hot and bright summer conditions these glasses will provide you with optimum eye protection – here is why:

  • Optimum eye protection The combination of unbreakable and flexible frame and unbreakable and flexible lenses
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection is guaranteed. The lenses provide the eyes with complete protection from UV radiation (280 to 400nm).
  • Blue Light blockers (380 – 500nm) Blue light is the ‘high energy visible light’ and is damaging to the retina and our lenses filter out this portion of the spectrum.
  • Confined Tint Technology Our ‘color-fastness’ technology is responsible for trapping the colors permanently in the material to manage light whereas conventional lenses are simply dipped in color baths.
  • The Base 9 full curvature of the frame and lenses guarantees optimized closure of the glasses for a full wraparound fit
  • The 1A Optical quality of gloryfy I-Flex material is superior to other materials such as polycarbonate, a true innovation in eyewear!
  • Lightweight and flexible for extreme comfort in all sporting or casual situations
  • OCLS (quick change lens system) allows flexibility to change lenses for different sporting situations
  • Truly unique and available in a full range of single and progressive vision prescription glasses


For more information, check out their website and see the Gloryfy team at the JetBlack 24H to test some glasses – selected styles included in the prize pool as well!




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