JetBlack 24 Hour: 6+6 Hour Re-Start List for Sunday, 1 December

Here is the re-start list for all 6+6 Hour racers at the JetBlack 24 Hour at Mt Annan this weekend.

Please be at the transition zone 5-10 minutes before your start time and we’ll give you a countdown.

Basically, if you finished before 6pm today, you will start at 6 AM on Sunday.

If you finished after 6pm on Saturday, you will start by the minutes/seconds you came in after 6pm tomorrow after 6am.
Example: you/your team finished at 6:05pm on Saturday => you/one of your team members (your choice) will start at 6:05am on Sunday.

Download re-start list by time [PDF]

Download re-start list by category and placing [PDF]