JetBlack 24 postponed…again..

It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to you but I wanted to let you know that the June date we had pencilled in for the JetBlack24 2020 will not be happening. We are about 1 month out from that day and we would need a definite go-ahead at this stage for the race to happen. While we are seeing positive developments and are expecting that there will be an easing of sports restrictions in the next few days they will almost certainly not be enough to allow a race of that size and nature to go ahead in 4 weeks time.

The first events we expect to be allowed to stage are the Fox Superflow sealed by Stan’s enduros and the Shimano MTB GP races. There we can implement certain practices that will allow us to race again. Not all of those practices make sense or can be done for a 24 hour race.

At the moment our business life can be compared to planning a soccer game when you don’t know how many players are allowed on the track and where you can put the goalposts on a playing field that could have any shape and size. So there are a lot of different scenarios we are getting ready for.

Your entry to the JetBlack24 will stay of course valid and the new dates is likely to be towards the end of this year or early 2021. It does get pretty cold in Lithgow in winter so we will wait for the warmer months.

You can also use your race as credit towards our other events once we restart again. We will be in touch with details on how you can do that as soon as registration opens again for our races.

I also would like to say a massive thanks to all of you who have registered to any of our events and have been so incredibly patient and understanding with all the postponements that we had to do. By being so patient and understanding with us and our business decisions you all played a crucial part in the survival of Rocky Trail Entertainment and I really mean it when I say THANK YOU!


Martin Wisata
Martin Wisata

This is an update from Rocky Trail’s Founder and Race Director. Find out more about the team!