Jetblack Wild Whaaaaaaat?

Over the last few days we have received quite few questions about this year’s Jetblack Wild Wombat event in Batemans Bay and I’d like to provide our regular #rockytrailracers with a few answers and hopefully get some new riders and families and couples to come along this year. Because that’s why we re-vamped the event concept and are launching a new 2-day event format.

We get it. It’s a lot to take in. For 10 years it was a 12 hour event, then it became the Jetblack Wild Wombat and now it’s a 2-day “Sling-Shot Race” and there’s talk about a “Sand & Dirt Crit”… think of it this way:

Superflow Fun + Cross-Country Terrain = Jetblack Wild Wombat

We race on the same track as last year on the Mogo MTB Trails, but the event centre will be located ON THE BEACH! That’s why we are taking the most popular elements of Superflow events, including the timed race stage-format, and are combining it with the cross-country style of riding.

Let us tell you all about it! – Here are a few FAQ’s.

Why did you change the Jetblack Wild Wombat?

The Jetblack Wild Wombat was created from our 12-hour race, which we ran for 10 years in that format. Last year we found this beautiful trail network and an amazing destination in the Eurobodalla and with it a new home for the race near Batemans Bay. It as an awesome event, but the event centre wasn’t ideal – we were based at the botanic gardens, which was still hosting weddings and other events while we were there, which wasn’t ideal – we had six staff direct wedding guests including nana across an active race track (mind you, nana was quite impressed with race leader Jason English zooming past and the bride thought the trans-choonz were awesome as she strolled to her ceremony past our RedBull tent, she was a gem!). There was no WiFi/phone reception, which made is logistically challenging, plus we crossed roads and car parks – so our goal was to find an event centre the connected better to the Mogo Trails that we used. Because they are awesome!

So, Leisa from Eurobodalla Council came to the rescue as she suggested a new event centre. On. The. Friggin. Beach. In. Town.

So Juliane & Martin, our Founders, started to re-structure the event plan about nine months ago and saw it as an opportunity to create something completely new and fresh and exciting, because that’s what we want our business to do: run awesome races with the classic event formats and also create fun and new concepts that really fits a town, village or mountain bike trail network or park. – The Mountain Biking Australia magazine has recently called it a ‘game changer’. Read more on their online site.

Tell me more about Batemans Bay, why did you pick it for the event?

Actually, Batemans Bay picked us! The local Council and mountain bikers invited us for a ride last year and we just fell in love with this beautiful spot on the NSW South Coast and the Mogo Trails!

The region is a holiday paradise in summer and a haven for nature lovers all year round. The local community and businesses welcome visitors so warmly and we felt immediately at home – we knew our Rocky Trail racers would too. We have been kept in the loop about many plans for more adventure trails and we are really keen to support such active user groups and councils as there are in the Eurobodalla.

We put a call out to local businesses and received a lot of positive feedback – we have accommodation partners right next (!) to, as in walking distance, from the event centre. We also got in touch with fellow experience providers and they are excited to take out our Rocky Trail visitors – fun activities for accompanying families and friends while you race and plenty of stuff to enjoy together also! Check it out – here are the links:

What is the event centre like?

Our event centre is located at Corrigans Cove in Batemans Bay.

The registration desk and info point for the event weekend plus the ‘Sand & Dirt Crit’ on Saturday will be based at Corrigans Cove.

We meet back at the event centre on Sunday morning and the loop for the ‘Slingshot Race’ and the timed cross-country flow race is happening on the popular Mogo Dam Loop, which will be accessed via a neutral (un-timed) and social ride together from Corrigans Cove.

The time race stage will be on the Mogo Dam Loop – here are photos from last year’s event:

Our accommodation partners surround the event centre: the North the Big 4 Holiday Park and to the South the Clyde View Holiday Park. Visit our Accommodation page for their offers.

There is ample parking right next to the event centre as well as a huge playground – the Corrigans Reserve Inclusive Playground – with lots of exciting play areas for toddlers and preschoolers. The ‘big kids’ will enjoy it also. – We had a play there with our little 4-year old and he can’t wait to be back in a few weeks.

Corrigans Reserve Inclusive Playground

Is it still a race?

Yes and a very social one at that. We will have a fun Dirt and Sand Crit on the Saturday, a small loop on the beach and at the event centre, which we want to be a very spectator-friendly pre-event. Most people we figured will come from Canberra (2hr drive) or Sydney (3.5hr-4hr) and hopefully from even further than that. They will arrive on the Friday and Saturday and with our accommodation and experience offers that’s plenty of time to explore the region together on and off the bikes before the event starts.

Everyone can pick up their number plates on the Saturday and the Dir tand Sand Crit will be a fun activity with kids races and an adult smash-fest we reckon… think of it as a mini-Belgian-style-crit race.

On Sunday we ride to the Mogo Trails in neutral through some back streets and via fire trails. We will have a mini-event centre and feedzone/base at the Dam Wall with music and marshalls, first aid and event staff. You can put in as many times as you like.

Who is the event for?

We wanted the “new” Jetblack Wild Wombat to be an event that our keen bean #rockytrailracers could come to and bring their families and friends along, even if they aren’t regular racers. We tried to come up with a new 2-day format that takes what we have learned over the years from our popular Superflow events and brings it to the XC side of things. This means:

  • Your families and partners have a lot of choice of activities to do while you race – pick a nice hotel or holiday park or camping spot and let the explore the region while you’re on the bike. Then join them for more adventures on the bike (see accommodation and experience offers).
  • Bring friends and families along – you can all ride together to the timed stage and take as long as you like. Have a rest at the feedzone and hang out and then everyone can do their time run. At their own pace. We will have marshalls in place who can help with the starting order and to keep distance between starts.
  • We will do a kids race on Saturday and Sunday at the event centre.

How will the race and timing work?

Saturday: Hang out, meet & greet, race for fun!
Very easy going and the fun-factor will be the most important thing. Short track racing in the heart of Batemans Bay. Race between screaming spectators cheering you on and pumping music for 10, 15 or 30 minutes.

Sunday: Race against the clock!

  • Head to the 7.1 km long Dam Loop together with your fellow competitors on an un-timed track, which is approximately 6.5 km long. Once at the start you can do as many laps as you can fit in.
  • The start will be on the highest point after the first climb and the finish just before the dam wall.
  • We will have a leader board for:
    • Fastest Lap,
    • Fastest 3 Laps and
    • Fastest 5 Laps.
  • Once you have completed a valid lap you can collect your finisher gift at the event centre.

So what’s on, what’s the schedule?


  • 3 pm Event centre opens
  • 3 – 6 pm Registration open to pick up your number plate
  • 5 – 8 pm DJ Nige will entertain you6 pm Junior Sand and Dirt Criterium Racing
  • 7 pm Adult Sand and Dirt Criterium Racing
  • 8 pm Event centre close


  • 8 am Event centre opens
  • 8 – 10 am Registration open to pick up your number plate
  • 9am – 3 pm Wild Wombat Slingshot Race
  • 4pm Event finishes

Can I bring non-riders?

Yes absolutely, as much as we love seeing people on bikes, but that’s exactly what the idea behind the new concept was based on. See our Experience offers and the Eurobodalla website for ideas for your visiting family and friends and what adventures they can have while you ride and race!

From what age can kids participate?

Generally we say from 12 years and up, however, we fully trust the parents and guardians, if they want to bring along younger kids. We have the free kids fun races in the event centre and then we also offer junior categories in the main events.

If you want to chat, call Juliane on 0416 737 972 and we give you some guidance.