JetBlack Wild Wombat | Mogo NSW |

We invite you to the Mogo MTB Trails where you can ride and run “all kinds of natural” in the Jetblack Wild Wombat MTB & Trail Running Challenges in the beautiful Eurobodalla!

Quite possibly the perfect ‘Bikes, Bush and Beaches’ getaway for
mountain bikers and trail runners!

Shimano MTB GP | Saturday

This is cross-country endurance lap racing at its best! From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line!

Race for 4 hours, solo or in relay pairs – we have elite, age group and eBike categories! This is the near perfect race track for it: fast, flowy and technical enough to be a good challenge!

Rocky Trail Run | Sunday

Race your way! Run the 7km time trail on the Deep Creek Dam loop 1x, 2x or 3x between 8am and 2pm! There are no start orders and we will set up the timing points so you can get a rest in between laps.

Super fun and scenic trails, there’s not too much elevation and we can’t wait to meet this year’s trail blazers!

About the events

The Jetblack Wild Wombat event has its home in the Eurobodalla Shire. It’s been a challenging few years for everyone and we are most grateful that we can be out in nature, riding, running and racing. We are so pleased that we have been able to put everything into place to return to Mogo near Batemans Bay with this event this year especially – it’s a town and a region that has been hit particularly hard not just by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s a region that is still suffering from the aftermaths of last summer’s bush fires.

Come and be a #rockytrailracer with us – bring family and friends along and support the local businesses during your stay! Bring an empty esky, fill up on the beautiful local produce and foods – we’ll be showcasing that many amazing experiences and products that the Eurobodalla has to offer.

Show your support for Mogo, we are. We know the Deep Creek Dam trails quite well and have fallen in love with the Eurobodalla region over the past few years, because there are a lot of exciting experiences and great potential for more trail-based activities along this magnificent stretch of the NSW South Coast. We believe that the location in Mogo and Batemans Bay is an enviable one in the mountain biking community and we know that trail runners will be excited about the opportunity to run in these amazing bushland surrounds with us on race day too.

Venue & Race Track

Location: Deep Creek Dam Loop, Mogo in Batemans Bay NSW – Deep Creek Dam Rd, Mogo NSW 2536 – enter via Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden access road.

Some highlights from our previous edition of the Jetblack Wild Wombat on the Deep Creek Dam trails.

Destination & Plan your trip

Come away with us – unleash your inner, wild spirit and escape the daily grind with a trip to this hidden gem on the NSW South Coast. Immerse yourself in all kinds of natural with a visit to the Eurobodalla with the Jetblack Wild Wombat!

Bring your family and friends! There is so much to see and do for your friends and family while you race in and around Mogo, and plenty more to explore together before and after in the Eurobodalla region! Come early and stay longer, we say!

Jetblack Wild Wombat News

Race Briefing Mogo | MTB GP & Trail RUN

Welcome to the Eurobodalla! We welcome you to the Mogo MTB Trails where you can ride and run “all kinds of natural” in the Jetblack Wild Wombat MTB & Trail Running Challenges in the beautiful Eurobodalla! Event line-up in the 2020 Jetblack Wild Wombat Saturday, 21 Nov: Shimano MTB GP 4+7 hour endurance lap race

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Season Finale 2020: Shimano MTB GP Series

The Shimano MTB GP Season is one of Australia’s longest-standing and most popular cross-country enduro racing series. Launced in 2009 it has established itself in NSW and the ACT with its 4 and 7 hour challenges and this year it has been introduced to mountain bike racers in Queensland. Over 800 riders with more than

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Rocky Trail Running 2020

Rocky Trail is hosting 2 trail running races in 2020 with plans to roll out a series of Sunday races next year that will be hosted together with their popular Shimano MTB Grand Prix mountain bike racing series, which is held on Saturdays. Tracks: mountain bike singletrails in bushland settings Track length: 7-8km on average,

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