Entry Fees | Category Info

Shimano MTB GP | Saturday

Rocky Trail Run | Sunday

2022 Entry fees and categories

Shimano MTB GP

The Jetblack Wild Wombat will include two events – mountain biking on Saturday and trail running on the Sunday!

Our GP events are less of an elite- and winners only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all participants – on awesome trails at fun and exciting destinations that will make it worthwhile for your whole group of riding mates and for taking the family to!

Rocky Trail Run

All racers who complete their challenge receive a finisher medal.

Competitors can choose to participate in Elite or their age group in male or female classifications.

Age determination date will be on 31 December of the year.
So the age you are at the end of the year determines your age category in male or female: Expert (19+), Veteran (30+), Master (40+), SuperMaster (50+), GrandMaster (60+), Junior U19, Junior U17, Junior U15, Junior U13. Click button for all details.

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