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  • You ride/run for the amount of hours/laps you signed up for.
    • MTB: After the time is up you are not allowed to go on another lap but you can finish the lap you are on. Most amount of laps + shortest time thereafter wins.
    • RUN: You can have a break in between laps. Once you have completed a lap your time stops and restarts again when you start the next lap. If you abandon the lap you can restart it. Because your time stops between laps you have plenty of time to eat, drink and refresh. The rules and regulations will be communicated directly in more detail via the Rider Briefing ahead of each event and our website and social media channels.
  • Once you have completed 1 lap you are in the results.
  • Transition for team riders: there must be physical contact before the next rider is allowed out. High five, kiss, track-style-slingshot, etc. Transition must be in the transition zone, which is right after timing, unless otherwise stated in the rider briefing.
  • Minimum age is 10 years – exceptions are possible but need to be approved by the race director.
  • No garbage policy: please don’t litter out on the track. We will penalise you if we see you do it.
  • No cheating policy: you must follow the track. It will be clearly marked with arrows, bunting tape, flags and signs. If we see you cheating we will penalise you.
  • Injured rider/runner procedure – probably the most important rule of all: if you come to an accident out on the track you MUST stop and make sure the rider is ok. If he/she is not, stay with him/her and send the next rider straight back to the event centre to let us know what happened. If you lose time while helping an injured rider we will adjust your lap time at the end of the race.
  • If a race is deemed unsafe because of storm, rain, fire etc we will pause it, assess the situation and if possible restart it again later.
  • Passing: being friendly out on the track goes a long way. Let the rider/runner you are about to pass know when and on which side. E.g. “(rider) coming up, passing on your right when you are ready”. Then say thanks and keep on smashing it. If you are riding in a train/running in a group let the rider/runner in front know how many people will pass him/her. If you are being passed find the next best place to move to the side and let them pass.
  • Race numbers/bibs:
    • MTB: Race numbers must be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle.
    • RUN: Bib must be displayed on the front of the torso, so that the photographers can easily identify you.
    • The number plate/bib must be readable, so it must be fastened as flat as possible. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorised sponsors’ logos on numbers is not permitted.
    • You can keep your number plate/bib as a memento of your race.
  • Riders must register before they will be allowed to practice.
  • MTB: All riders must wear a bike helmet that has been authorised by Australian Standards (or approved international standard) at all times when riding and racing. You will be required to wear fully enclosed foot wear and gloves are recommended.

Race Waiver and Liability Release

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