2017 #JetBlack24 weather update: Wednesday

#JetBlack24 weather update: Wednesday, 15 February, afternoon

For a while it looked like Saturday would be a hot one again but the forecast has changed now. Good news is that it’s not supposed to get very hot anymore on Saturday bad news is that we are likely to get a few showers over the weekend. Again Awaba is pretty dry and it will need a lot of rain to stop the race before the 24 hours are up but with showers it’s very hard to predict what will happen. Hopefully they get pushed up north a bit but we’ll see.



#JetBlack24 weather update: Monday, 13 Feb 2017, 9am

Looks like we dodged a bullet by having it on the right weekend #lucky. With the heatwave behind us we can look forward to this weekend and it is looking very good at the moment.

Temps are expected in the high 20s to low 30s falling to around 20 at night so we won’t freeze at 3am in the morning. It forecasts potential showers but Awaba is so dry at the moment that they won’t bother us.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the week as better data becomes available. Cheers, Juliane & Martin