Lazer Sport Australia – Buy one, save another.

Lazer Sport Australia has been a Rocky Trail sponsor for years and we are proudly sharing the news that they are part of a great global initiative until the end of May. If you buy a Lazer Helmet this May and register them via the website below, says the Lazer team, you can contribute to helmet donations to those in need.

Here’s what the Lazer team told us,

The aim of the initiative is to contribute to a society where cyclists can enjoy riding in safety.

It is our why and our mission. It is why we make our products with the greatest care.

BUY ONE SAVE ANOTHER is an action to provide Lazer helmets where they can make a difference. Lazer is teaming up the amazing Lighthouse Youth Projects to get helmets to those who are looking to enter cycling in a safe way.

Lazer Sport Australia

Buy and register a Lazer Helmet in May!

Because for every ten Lazer helmets purchased and registered from March 1-May 31, Lazer will donate a helmet to this great not-for-profit group.

Hit the following link to learn more and register your helmet! –
Link :

Thank you all for your support and helping us help Lighthouse Youth Projects.