Jetblack 24 Hour 2022: Magicshine offer

Are you considering an upgrade to your high-powered MTB Lights this season?

In the lead up to the Jetblack 24 Hour event, which will host the official 2022 AusCycling 24 Hour Solo National Championships, we have an awesome offer to share from event sponsors, Magicshine – 15% off on all Magicshine lights, headlamps, batteries and accessories!

Magicshine have been making high-powered outdoor lights and active in the market for the best part of 20 years. They are constantly pushing the boundaries with innovation, quality, and superior craftsmanship. Their range boasts some of the highest capacity batteries and runtimes and utilizes the latest technology.

For the individual / Solo Competitor Jetblack24 hour, Magicshine recommends the MJ-906S:

  • the MJ-906S is equipped with two super bright and power efficient LEDs and a maximum verified output of 4500 lumens
  • combine the MJ-906S with a Ray 2100 on the helmet and all your needs are covered

As a bonus, if ever you choose to ride an e-bike, the MJ-906S can also plug straight into mainstream motors from manufacturers like Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha and be powered from the motor directly.

For the Teams Magicshine recommends the Ray 2100 on the helmet and the RN3000 on the bars:

  • This combination provides the best run time for the best illumination results.
  • Packed full of features the Ray 2100 comes with Smart Sensor, Vibration Sensor plus remote control.
  • The RN3000 is designed specifically with the long distant athlete in mind.
  • Extended run time and light weight the RN 3000 is designed for extreme adventure.

Special offer: 15% off!

As a special offer for those entering the 24 hour this year, Magicshine are offering 15% off on all Magicshine lights, headlamps, batteries and accessories!

Simply key in the code Magic24 in the checkout area on the website and save yourself 15% ! Don’t forget, all orders over $200 are freight free also.

At the event

Be sure to check out the full range of Magicshine lights at the event, come on over to the Magicshine tent or book in a demo set by emailing in advance