May Strava Challenge Results

Congratulations to our winners of the May Strava Challenges!

Luke Beuchat took out the Shoot-out Vertical Challenge with 693.10vm in an hour ahead of Owen Gordon and Sam Parker!

Amanda Jones truly smashed it! With 895.73km she takes the first SmashFest title ahead of ‘Tyre Swan’ and Owen Gordon.

We can’t wait to cheer you on for real (like these guys 👆 at Awaba last year!!)!

Thank you.

We created our Strava Club and these Challenges to keep our Rocky Trail Community connected during the Covid-19 event hibernation…. “Community” is so easy to say. The word itself connects us with each other. It describes an experience so common that we never really take time to explain it. It seems so simple, so natural, and so human. I recently came across the following and it just resonated with me, because it reflects our Rocky Trail community of riders and racers so well, I believe:

Members of a community have a sense of trust, belonging, safety, and caring for each other. They have an individual and collective sense that they can, as part of that community, influence their environments and each other.

So to all of our riders and racers, we are so grateful for the continued support. Every “like”, every follow, every comment and good thought in our direction is noticed and keeps us going. Know that we appreciate each and every one of you, because you help influence our ‘environment’ by helping shape our business with your engagement and feedback and by bringing our events to life. Know that we are not taking you and this community we keep building and shaping together for granted. It is one of the elements of our business that we are most proud of.

Keep riding until we race again! Woot!


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Juliane Wisata
Juliane Wisata

Juliane is one of the Rocky Trail founders. She’s been feeling a bit under the weather in recent days, but she says the enthusiasm of ‘her’ racers is infectious. She plans to get out on her bike this weekend.