Mongolia Bike Challenge 2019 | Half-way point

For the third time Rocky Trail’s co-founder Martin Wisata competes in the Mongolia Bike Challenge, a six day stage race in Central Asia.

“From day one in 2016 I have been hooked on this race and this country. It is so much more than an event, it’s an experience that is unique, takes you out of your comfort zone and lets you dive into an incredibly interesting and ancient culture.” – Martin Wisata

Stage 1 was rolling out of the Capital Ulaanbaatar and then racing South West towards the Tuul River Valley. GC position: 23

About Stage 2 Martin said,

“I underestimated today, the climbs were really tough, but I loved the final descent into the finish. The biggest reward is that hot shower and last night we had a thunderstorm moving across camp – it was so cosy in the ger tent, a great atmosphere and very special to share it with such inspiring racers from all over the world.” GC position: 22

About Stage 3 he said,

“Today was brutal, strong head and side winds, massive climbs and 10km of tough sandy sections at the end – a real Queen Stage!” – Martin Wisata about Stage 3 in the Mongolia Bike Challenge. Today’s stage finish was at Elsen Tasarkhai, a small area of real desert in the midst of green steppes about 280 km west of Ulaanbaatar. A truly unique combination of Mongolian mountains, forests and Gobi-type landscape in one location. GC position: 20

Photos: MBC | Paolo Martelli

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