owayo – introducing Rocky Trail´s new custom-clothing partner

The Rocky Trail crew is now officially “dressed by owayo”, the German custom-clothing specialist who have appointed our Race Director Martin Wisata as their Australian “owayo ambassador 2018”.

About owayo

For almost 20 years owayo has produced high end customised sports apparel made exclusively in Europe. The company has been known for top quality products, quick lead times and a friendly customer-oriented service team.

We love that like many other successful business ideas, owayo was conceived over a few beers. The initial concept was created by 3 athletes and we had the great pleasure to meet one of the Managing Directors, Francisco Gennes this month at the owayo headquarters in Regensburg. He told us that their goal has always been to offer athletes, clubs and sponsors a better way to order their dream sportswear. Today, over 90 employees work together to provide each customer with an unmatched experience when creating their individual sports apparel. They are completing orders for customers in 167 countries, can you believe it? The business that initially started as a 3 man venture, now encompasses an operational area of 4800 sqm.

Meeting Francisco Gennes, one of the Managing Directors of owayo, in Regensburg. Toddlers welcome!

owayo and Rocky Trail

We were introduced to the owayo products through our work for Christoph Strasser, an owayo-sponsored athlete, who crossed the Australian continent on his bicycle with a non-stop ride in early 2017. One of our Directors, Juliane Wisata, supported Christoph with media services in Australia and we saw how well the owayo gear performed in the harsh Australian conditions. At the same time owayo started launching their products on the Australian market and with the appointment of Martin Wisata as one of their three australian “owayo ambassadors 2018” we now are proud to play a role in the establishment of their brand in the cycling industry and to ride and race and wear the gear!

Manufactured in Germany – Worn Worldwide

Many brands do not possess their own means of production. Instead, they contract their work to the highest bidder in some foreign country to cut costs. Francisco Gennes told us that in contrast they had made a conscious decision to manufacture our products in Germany, “Having our own infrastructure and production facilities allows us to control the production process from start to finish, guaranteeing the best working conditions to our employees and highest quality standards for our customers.”

Says Martin Wisata, “Having tried and tested – and already raced – the owayo products, they do speak for themselves when it comes to quality and comfort. However, it is owayo’s professional attitude and the entrepreneurial spirit that we share, which is why we are really proud to represent in Australia and at events world-wide.”

How does it work?

Create a design with the colours, logos and texts that represent your team. Draft your athletic wear using our state-of-the-art 3D Designer or consult with our professional design team. We are happy to help you with your technical questions or mock-up complicated designs for you.

On the website you will get an estimated production and delivery time at any point in time and a confirmation upon ordering.

We can produce any amount you need, whether it’s a single jersey or ten thousand. We guarantee on time delivery because there is absolutely no outsourcing involved. Design and order your own sportswear directly through our 3D Designer or talk about your ideas with our service team.

There are many reasons for reorders: someone looses their jerseys or a new player joins the team. That’s why you can reorder any design with us, even years later. Your designs will always be saved in our system, making reorders quick and painless.

We understand that it can be challenging to get your team’s kit together. For that reason we’ve created an ordering process that makes going from having a design idea to wearing your finished jersey as simple as possible.

We are happy to send samples so that you can test the quality and fit of our products before ordering. Samples are recommended to ensure that you find the size, especially if you are ordering slim or tight fitting items.

We’d be more than happy to send you a price estimate. You will receive a response from us within one working day of submitting the form below. You can also find our prices in our online price list or in the 3D Designer.

Here is a link to the most frequently asked questions regarding placing an order. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please contact our service team at info@owayo.com.au or just call us at 1-800-013-690 (Tue.-Sat.: 6am – 11am AEST | Mon.-Fri.: 6pm – 11pm AEST).

Rocky Trail crew – dressed by owayo

We just signed off on the final designs for our new crew outfits and cycling gear and Martin will be racing a custom-kit at the Crocodile Trophy 2018 later this year for his 9th appearance at that iconic race. We are looking forward to presenting our new outfit to you at one of the first races as soon as we’re back from our Europe stint this year!



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