New website coming in 2019!

Our blog is morphing into our new website and we are currently busy polishing it all up. We noticed that most of you visit our site via your phones and this platform should make that a lot easier. It is still a bit of a construction site but the information on it is up to date. 

Rocky Trail’s take on Enduro: for riders of all ages and different XC or gravity backgrounds – race on ‘super-flowy’ singletrails for fun or hunt down those seconds for the win. 

Classic cross-country racing at its best – let us take you to some of the best mountain bike trails in NSW and the ACT and race for 4 or 7 hours solo or in teams.

A classic 12-hour solo and team relay race introducing a ‘Wild Solo Challenge’ based in Mogo on the NSW South Coast. Solo riders race in age groups and can also set a km goal with official tracking and counting down.

Race for 24 hours solo or in teams or do the 6+6 hour and rest overnight. Set up camp right next to the car in the race village on the Rydal Showgrounds near Lithgow!

Take on this singletrack lap-based marathon on a giant circuit at Stromlo Forest Park! One cheeky lap, two to catch the racing bug or three for a classic marathon… 5am start and sunrise lap for the 100-miler anyone?

This is a women’s only event that let’s our female racers sparkle! Its home is at Awaba MTB Park where amazing trails and big smiles are guaranteed!

Together with local clubs we are promoting the RedAss Downhill Series. Full face helmets, big suspension, high-speed, rock drops, gap jumps and full gas!

When we are not organising and promoting mountain bike events, we provide Public Relations and Strategic Marketing Support through our in-house PR agency: Rocky Trail Communication

As lecturers of ‘Entrepreneurship’ to tourism students in Austria and Azerbaidjan, one of our big passions is destination management and tourism product development – all of course based around cycling: Rocky Trail Destination

We also love racing ourselves and try and do as many races as we can. You can join the Rocky Trail Racing team on epic stage races like the Crocodile Trophy, Alpentour Trophy or the Mongolia Bike Challenge.