Podcast with Mike Tomalaris and info about our next events

We have been spending our time planning and working together with our network of suppliers, venue managers and crew about scenarios that will allow us to roll out events smoothly and quickly as soon as we are allowed to.
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We’ve also had fun chatting to cycling icons like Josh Carlson or Mike Tomalaris. In this week’s edition of #rockytrailradio Mike and I chat about Le Tour de France, the SBS newsroom and also what Rocky Trail events could look like in the coming months.
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Events update

I want to give you a quick update on what is likely to happen in the next few months: the events most likely to go ahead once we restart are the Shimano MTB GP and the Fox Superflow sealed by Stan’s. While specific guidelines aren’t available yet we anticipate certain parameters when it comes to event sizes allowed and how they need to be conducted in order to be approved.

We are already working on a Covid-19 specific risk management plan which contains the usual things you would have heard 1000 times in the last weeks (wash your hands often, etc) but more importantly there are certain aspects that will change how the events are run for a short to mid-term timeframe so that we can minimise contact between racers:

  • Time for registration on the day will be longer
  • Rider briefing will be done online
  • Superflow events may be split over 2 days rather than having practice on Saturday and the race on Sunday. This depends on the maximum number of people allowed to gather and will mean that you pick either Saturday or Sunday to do your runs.
  • Podium presentations are likely to be done virtually after the race weekend is over.
  • There is also the chance that the Shimano MTB GP events are started in waves rather than with a mass start.

As we don’t know yet what rules and regulations we will have to abide by none of those mentioned above are set in stone but you get the picture: we will race again, it will be safe, it will be fair and most importantly it will be fun. Now enjoy my chat with Mike Tomalaris from SBS:

A chat with Mike Tomalaris from SBS



Martin Wisata
Martin Wisata

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