Podium for Martin Wisata at Crocodile Trophy Stage 1

Martin Wisata claimed the third podium spot at Stage 1 of the Crocodile Trophy at the Smithfield MTB Park.

“I initially had not been looking forward to it – I assumed that I would fall back on the climb into the mountain bike park at Smithfield and back out to the finish at the Paradise Palms resort, but I was able to sprint for third position to the line and I’m really happy! This is what I’ve been racing for all these years, I’ve come close to a podium before, but now I have it in the bag”, said an overwhelmed Martin Wisata at the finish in Cairns.

The team is doing well, Steve and Clayton are enjoying the event and the stage racing experience.


Photos from Stages 1+2 below. Credits: Crocodile Trophy/Regina Stanger

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