Superflow® PRO STAGE

Fox Superflow® introduces PRO STAGE in 2022 and $20,000 worth of prizes from MTB Direct

The Fox Superflow is Australia’s most popular gravity enduro series, and we are expanding it to help riders young and old expand their horizons! 

At selected venues there will be an additional – technically more challenging – 4th PRO STAGE for Elites, U21 and Masters!

  • At selected venues with the appropriate track choices, we will be adding the additional 4th Pro Stage for highly experienced Elite, U21 and Master racers who choose to participate in this additional classification.
  • The addition of the 4th climb and the technical aspect of the more challenging timed track is based on how Rocky Trail runs its qualifying events for EWS (full EWS information here)
  • Where possible, once a year, we have the opportunity to apply to the EWS for points to be allocated for certain rounds – ultimately it is EWS who awards qualifier status
  • For the Pro Stages you will need to wear a compliant full face and we encourage pads (in some rounds we are using portions or all of the venue’s DH tracks)

Scroll down for all the details and the calendar of events with Superflow® PRO venues.


Our goal is to help riders enjoy bikes as much as possible, and for some, that means progressing their riding and racing to a more challenging level. Our vision is to create a pathway for these riders, which may ultimately give them the stepping stones to be racing in the EWS.

  • Our Pro Stages are EWS-inspired, which is very specific in both ascent liason elevation and the need for technical descents
  • We have expended significant funds to be compliant in timing and administration, therefore the Pro Stages are a realistic training (and play) ground for aspiring gravity racers
  • We dream of Rocky Trail Racers breaking to the next level and racing on the world stage

For ALL our Fox Superflow® races, you can have a cruisy day, you can test yourself, and now you will be able to test your skills on EWS graded course if you wish. You can elect not to complete the Pro Stage, and the races will remain as they currently have been. The harder you go, the more challenging it gets! For this Season each race has 3 race tracks with 5 possible timed runs on each AND the possibility of racing our Pro Stage. No harsh cut-off times and the variety of trails we pick offers a mad enduro challenge – across the entire calendar year and 3 States and the ACT.

New: Superflow® PRO goals:

Not all venues lend themselves to hosting a Pro stage, but our goal is to have a series you can benchmark against stages in the EWS. As we progress, we hope to have more rounds added each year.

All the info for 2022:

  1. The traditional Fox Superflow® will still offer the flexibility to choose Saturday or Sunday as the race day.
    • You race 3 timed stages with 5 attempts each, fastest time per stage counts = 15 possible race runs
  2. The Superflow® PRO STAGES will GENERALLY be offered for the SUNDAY only – please check the individual event pages for all the details please
    • You race 4 timed stages with 5 attempts each, fastest time per stage counts = 20 possible race runs
    • We will offer an ADDITIONAL PRO classification at selected venues.
    • These Superflow® PRO STAGE venues have been selected as we were able to identify another fourth race track that is technically challenging – it will require a full-face helmet, which will be checked by the start marshal.
    • The Superflow® PRO for male and female podiums in the Elite, U21 and Master 35+ categories (updated to align with EWS categories) will be awarded on the Sunday after the race.
  3. At total of $20,000 of MTB Direct Podium Reward Vouchers will be awarded to podium getters across Fox Superflow® and PRO Stage classifications. These will be emailed to all podium getters post race.
  4. Series Points: Those who choose the Superflow® PRO option at the selected venues will get an ADDITIONAL result and series points score going towards the Superflow® PRO Series.
    • The traditional Fox Superflow® Series ranking will run again for NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC and the Australia-wide “Rocky Trail World” title series.
    • The Fox Superflow® combined results from Sat and Sun will be awarded virtually – a podium presentation will be launched with the race photos in the week after the event. Podium race plates and/or accolades will be mailed out.
    • In the Fox Superflow® Series for regions and Australia outright, riders with two or more races are in the ranking; then all races count.
    • All events offered will count in the Superflow® PRO in 2022 and will create the first pro ranking for #rockytrailracers.

Please note that we envisage to broaden this PRO STAGE concept across more races in future (even adding more to existing venues, which are currently undergoing maintenance). We are still scouting venues across the East Coast and Australia in general – plus our sister company Rocky Trail Destination is actively encouraging these types of flow and gravity trails as part of their trail tourism portfolio service consulting offering too.

We have confirmation from the EWS that our Rockhampton Fox Superflow® will receive qualifier status in 2022.

Fox Superflow® Line Up 2022 (as per Jan 2022):

Fox Superflow® sealed by Stans NSW / ACT

Fox Superflow® sealed by Stans QLD

Fox Superflow® sealed by Stans VIC

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