Race Report: Fox Superflow | Townsville

Fox Superflow introduces ‘friendly enduro racing’ in Townsville

Douglas Mountain bike park is a chairlift away from the perfect venue for the gravity enthusiast, which makes it a top shelf venue for the FOX Superflow Sealed by STANS. Close to the centre of Townsville with 3 fantastically flowy descending tracks, “Douglas” tested all with long arm pumping and leg draining flow. In unseasonably hot weather the nearly 40-minute climb to the summit where all 3 tracks started was a battle for the brave and multiple runs on only 1 track was rare but on all tracks was honest Politician scarce.

Queen of the North: Iona Anderson

In third for the women Alison Mackrill set a total time of 20:17.1 whilst competing in the Master’s 40+ category. Second went to the Elite rider from TOP Brand Bikes Kristy Kerrisk in 19:21.6. But to take out the Queen of the North was for Iona Anderson riding for CRANKED Bike Shop who completed her 3 runs in an impressive 18:59.1. This time would have placed her just outside of the top 10 in elite men and marks this young pinner as a star of the future.

Worth noting also U13 racer Kamryn Mackrill was the fastest junior and you can be sure will be surpassing Mum (Alison) soon. It was great to see Tegan Maguire, Meredith Watkins and Leah Denman joining Rocky Trail again after competing in the Shimano GP the previous weekend. And after winning the GP 7hr Meredith was the only rider (Male or Female) to complete 2 laps on every course without battery assistance. Some male riders commented “her again” when they saw Meredith at the top of the hill for a second time whilst they were still recovering from the climb.

King of the North: Patrick Morrison

Grant Cooper coordinator of Gravity racing for the Rockwheelers MTB Club had stitched a target to his back on the Saturday by setting the fastest time of 17:41.7. This time was impressive with some commenting Sunday morning that “Coops know these tracks so well that he’ll be hard to beat”. Whilst daunting to some, it seemed to motivated one of the youngest elite riders who with a time of 16:46.0 crowned himself King of the North:

Patrick Morrison 19years old, absolutely smoked it to go nearly a minute faster over the three tracks. Second went to Chris Olsen 17:32.7. Coops commented “I’m stoked to have held onto third from these too pinners”. Several riders were competing for the 3rd time with Rocky Trail in a little over a week. Drew Roberts, Ben Chamings, and Tyler Andersen all having done the Shimano GP, the Rocky Trail Academy for secondary school kids and the FOX Superflow. Tyler was on his 4th day of racing after being a marshal/chaperon for his younger brother Callum on the Saturday. A champion effort and exemplar of the spirit in the juniors at the Rockwheelers MTB Club.

We look forward to returning to Douglas and Townsville in 2021. In the meantime we hope we will see you all in Mackay on October 11th for more FOX Superflow action.

Photos: OuterImage.com.au

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Race photos from the Fox Superflow in Townsville are ow online! They are included in the entry with thanks to Shimano Australia Cycling and Townsville Enterprise, so download them now!


Bob Morris
Bob Morris

Race Director and Event Manager