Race update Stage 5-8

The Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing Team has been doing well these last few days at the Crocodile Trophy.

Peter Selkrig claimed two consecutive stage wins for Stage 7 and 8 in the A4 category and Guy Cowan raced onto the podium at Wetherby also! Third place in the A3 category! ‪

Stage 8: third place in A3 category for Guy Cowan!
Two stage wins for Peter Selkrig in the A4 category – Skybury and Wetherby Station!


Stage 7 Irvinebank – Skybury

Peter Selkrig scored a boomerang for his stage win yesterday at Skybury and Martin went from hero to zero in about 1:40 min – well in the below YouTube video anyway. As the six-time Crocodile Trophy racer he had the honour to lead the peloton out of Irvinebank and then had a mechanical, which had him drop out of his bunch. On the plus-side, Clayton caught up to him with about 40km to go and our two “diesel-engines” finished the stage together. Said Martin, “We had some good team tactics going early to get Pete into one of the early break-away groups. When I lost my bunch it was tough. But when I saw Clayton then on the last depot, we poured a couple of bottles of water over our heads and I knew we’d be at the finish in no time.”


Stage 5+6 – Atherton – Irvinebank – Irvinebank

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