Rd 2: Preliminary Rider List and Final Info – Kempsey


Round 2 of the Rollercoaster Gravity Enduro NSW State Series is about to kick off in Kempsey – a lot of riders took the opportunity to explore the trails on Saturday already for race day on Sunday! Here is the preliminary rider list and some final rider information:

>> Download preliminary rider list [PDF]

last update: Saturday, 28 June 2014, 5pm


Registration – Golf Club Car Park:
Please come and see us at the Golf Club in Kempsey from 8am until 9am to pick up your number plate. Should you arrive later than that, please make your way to the Five Ways Event Centre – see below for a map and description of the set up. We won’t be able to accept any late registrations after 11am.
The Kempsey MTB Club will cook up a Bacon & Egg Breaky in the morning and a BBQ in the afternoon before the ceremony for you there. Please take your own water with you out on track.


Event Centre – Five Ways:
The main event centre is located at the Five Ways trail intersection.There is limited space there; if you can, we’d like to ask you to park your car at the Golf Club and we have marked a singletrack/fire trail ride (~8-10 min) that starts in the tree line straight up from the main road in.
If you have family/spectators with you, drive to the event centre via South Street, turn left onto the dirt road and follow that for about 2km (you’ll see signs soon after).
>> Click here for a track map on our website


We will use our chip timing system – you will be issued with a chip when you pick up your number plate. You MUST return that chip when have finished your race runs. We’ll be there to collect it when you scan the chip after your second race run; but should you leave early for any reason, please remember to RETURN the CHIP!!  They are quite costly ($20 ea) and we will have to pass on that cost to you if you fail to return it or loose it.
Basically, you swipe your chip at the start and clock yourself out at the finish, then ride in neutral back towards the start – if you follow the marked trails you will pass the Five Ways intersection, where the timing tents are located and which is where you will have to scan the chip to log your time after EACH race run.
Demo-Trail: From about 11am we will be set up to do some test scans from either of the race tracks. You start, finish and scan the chips with us and we can check if it all worked out. Don’t worry, we have marshals out on track that will help you.

>> Watch an intro video about our timing set up


Race tracks:
There are two race tracks; combined times count. You ride in neutral to the race starts, which are located right next to each other. All neutral rides are marked; please follow those marked trails as they will spit you out right next to our timing tent, which will remind you to scan in your chip with the timing crew.

>> Track map