NSW Downhill

Full face helmets, big suspension, high-speed, rock drops, gap jumps and full gas!

Rocky Trail’s roots are in gravity racing and we continue to support and nurture the NSW and ACT downhill racing scene, promoting the NSW Downhill Series.

Together with the main DH clubs in NSW we are bringing you a series based on the success of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately the Championships in Thredbo on 30 March 2019 had to be cancelled by Rocky Trail in consultation with Thredbo MTB due to bad weather forecasts. – All information is on our blog, click here.

Follow the NSW Downhill page on Facebook to connect with fellow racers and as the communications portal for the series this is your direct link to all DH event coordinators of our partner clubs!

The events are fully run by the clubs so please contact them directly if you have any questions:

Dates for the NSW DH Club rounds are:
Round 1: CCMTB, Ourimbah – 19 May 2019
Round 2: WSMTB, Del Rio – 23 June 2019
Round 3: HMBA, Awaba – 21 July 2019