Rider briefing: Fox Superflow at Awaba 2019

This is the official rider briefing for the Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s at Awaba MTB Park on 30 June 2019. A lot of work has gone into Awaba MTB Park trail building and park upgrades over the last few months by the local Hunter Mountain Bike Association we will have three tracks for you to shred!

Photos by OuterImage.com.au from 2018 event.

Weather and track conditions

Last update: Tue, 25 June 2019, 12pm
The Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Region got some rain over the weekend and we have been monitoring reports about rainfall at Awaba MTB Park, which are within the parameters that we can deal with easily. We expect the wet weather to recede by Thursday and the trails will be good to ride for practice on Saturday and race day on Sunday.

Race tracks

The trail network at Awaba MTB Park is currently going through a massive expansion phase and we have been able to get permission to use some of the newly-built trails. HMBA is one of the most active clubs we know and we have been able to provide input about the types of ‘super-flowy’ trails we’d like them to integrate into the park. We can see this venue become a staple on the Fox Superflow venues for years to come – what you will race this weekend is just the beginning.

For those who raced last year, we can can confirm that the trails have much more descents – the two longer trails will start at the far end of the park (the ‘owayo’ trail, which was brand-new last year) and we’ll throw in a short’n’sweet sprint stage for fun, which finishes in the event centre.

Says Martin Wisata, our Race Director,
“The XC stage from last year is gone and replaced with one starting at the highest point possible. Fox and Stan’s will start at the same spot. Check out my video below. You will still need to pedal but not nearly as much uphill as we had last year.”

Track map for Awaba

You can find the race map of the Awaba Fox Superflow on the event website and below is the direct Google Maps Link – Fox and Stans start in the same spot (last year’s owayo stage that Juliane started) and have individual finishes; Lazer finishes very close to the event centre:

Zoom into the map for individual tracks.

Fox track
Starts on the highest point of the day’s trail map in the same spot at Stans – length 1.7km. Fast berms at the top, super-popular track from 2018 event – the favourite one last year!

Stans track *new*
Starts on the highest point of the day’s trail map in the same spot at Fox – length 1.3km. You will drop into the iconic Camelback climb from the top and race it in reverse and finish just after the brand-new bridge before the Murderhorn Pinch Climb.

Lazer track *new*
Short and sweet stage, 800m of fast and furious racing through the DH tunnel finishing in the main club XC event centre!

Venue information

The event centre will be at the Awaba MTB Club off Mount Faulk Road in the Olney State Forest, home of the Hunter Mountain Bike Association and managed by the NSW Forestry Corporation. The surrounding suburbs of Lake Macquarie are Cooranbong, Dora Creek, Morissett, Awaba Toronto and Newcastle is about 20 min away.

Camping is available at the park free of charge. The park has basic permanent toilet facilities.

> Lake Macquarie Visitor Information

> Newcastle Visitor Information

The racing – a social affair

The Fox Superflow events, sealed by Stan’s are unique Australia-wide! They are enduro-style gravity races, based on the European and North American formats, HOWEVER, at Rocky Trail there are:

(1) No Start Orders – you can ride with your friends, kids and partners together all day, even if they are in a different age/skill category

(2) No Worries – you pick the sequence of race tracks, the timing points are all LIVE as soon as the racing starts

(3) Spend all day together! – They are unique Australia-wide in that we can offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders – from elite to amateur racers to families, couples and groups of friends riding together. We have introduced a very flexible timing system so our events don’t require any start orders and riders can pick the sequence in which to complete the timed race stages themselves. That way, riders of different categories can spend all day riding and racing together!

For more information, visit our event series website

Race details


all day Free practice

8 am – 9 am Registration open for Superflow
9 am Rider briefing at event centre
9 am – 10.30 am Practice
10.30 am – 4 pm Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs | 3 tracks – 1 run on each track for all categories – you get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest counts. 
4 pm Last Race Run
4.30 pm est. Ceremony

Note, no shuttles allowed on Sunday/Race Day!

Race atmosphere

The atmosphere in our event centre is friendly, happy and inclusive and you will see that Martin is very much in charge. We have been working with most of our suppliers for years – from first aiders to marshals to caterers to photographers, it is our top priority for you to have an amazing time out on your bike and to lend a helping (and rescuing) hand if need be.

Race results

Will be available LIVE during the race – we’ll try our hardest to push all results to the website right away. Ourimbah is a bit of a challenge, as the club downhill finish for instance is out of reception, but we will place our timing gear so that we can transmit data as consistently as possible. Fingers crossed!! It should all work out and you can click through to the results portal via this link:

> Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s Results Portal

Food & Drinks

The Daily Espressos crew will be on-site all Sunday, serving hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit and snacks, wraps, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Support Service *updated*

Tech Support for the weekend will be provided by Breakaway Cycles!

On Saturday, please head to the Breakaway Cycles shop directly in Morrisset and the guys can help fix mechanicals, the shop is 20min away from the event centre at 65 Dora St, Morisset NSW 2264 – they will be open from 10am-2pm. – Click here for directions on Google Maps.

On Sunday, the Breakaway Cycles crew will be out at the event until about midday.

The hard facts – what you get

Top 3 podium positions in each category get Championship Trophy Decals for the bike and can pick from a pool of prizes from sponsors.

More Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s events coming up in 2019:

For any more questions, please contact us via cycle@rockytrailentertainment.com and visit the event website.

CHAMPS at Jolly Nose this year!! 14 July!