Rider Briefing Fox Superflow® Awaba NSW 2022

Welcome to the Fox Superflow® 2022 Round 4 of the NSW/ACT Series at Awaba MTB Park!



We have a jam-packed weekend of racing with this year’s Superflow® PRO series offering a 4th track to race at this event. Remember this is designed to test the seasoned racer and not for everyone.

  • All track runs are live timed so check your result as you cross the line.
  • You pick Sat OR Sun as your race day and Pro Stage is on Sunday. – Please sign up for Sunday, if you want to do the Pro classification.
  • Classifications – in summary, racers get results for Fox Superflow® 3 stages and – if selected on Sunday – an additional classification for 4 stages with the Pro Stage.
  • PRIZE Ceremony: MTB DIRECT sponsors over $20,000 worth of online vouchers for this year’s series for your next shopping spree on their site for 1-2-3 category podium getters!
  • Giveaways from our sponsors.
  • PLUS a great venue to FREE camp – it’s a rustic NSW State Forest set up with basic amenities.

Pro Stage Info:

  • U21, Elite and Master 35+ categories (based EWS rules)
  • We encourage a min. age of 17+ for the Pro Stages (based on EWS events) – chat to the crew at rego on the day, if you have any questions.
  • Full-face helmet requirement on additional 4th stage, which will be checked at the start of the stage.


We can’t wait to see you smashing it! Remember, your race photos are included in your entry. Be sure to download them after the race and share your stories using:



ABOUT the venue


Awaba MTB ParkOlney State Forest – Jenkins Rd, Freemans Waterhole NSW

  • Venue: Awaba MTB Park, Jenkins Rd, Freemans Waterhole NSW 2323 – Freemans Drive Exit, then Mt Faulk Road entry into the park. Follow fire trail to main car park
  • Event Hub: Main car park (left car park)
  • Parking: Main car park will be main event hub and sponsor and event services hub; please park in the second (right) car park.
  • Traffic: your access route to some of the race starts is on a public road (Mt Faulk Road). We have official traffic marshals in place, but please remember to ride up on the left in single file. The road is NOT closed for public traffic.

Race tracks used

A massive shout-out to the trail crew from the HMBA Club! You guys rock and thank you so much for all the work you put in to get the trails race-ready again!

Video Credit: Dand Smith | MTB23


Biraban, Little Falcon into Red Loop, access from the event centre via Mt Faulk Road, go past the EWS start and traverse towards Fox Start.


Its recommended to do this track after you’ve done the Fox track (follow the signs) – from the Fox finish it’s a short climb to the start of the Wild Polly track. Start at the Rocky Trail sign.  Ride back to the event centre via the Red Loop.


We race Faulk line, access from the event centre via Mt Faulk Road fire road – please note this track had to be re-built because of the recent wet weather and still has some very soft patches. Please watch out on your first runs.


1 run needs to be recorded (fastest counts)
If you race on Sunday and select to be in the PRO Stage you will need to do at least 1 run on the 4th track. It will be on the lower section of the Monkey Downhill trail and a full face helmet is compulsory for this stage.

Un-timed Liaisons: some will use Mt Faulk Road.. This is a Public Road, please ride up on the left!

Get a taste for it… Local Lines with Ryan Gilchrist

Weather information

Trails are in great condition, sun’s out and the inland wind will keep drying them out. It’s chilly though, so bring appropriate race clothing.

Temp 9-17C.  

Event Format

The Fox Superflow format provides so many options to the rider, and this weekend the opportunity to race three or four tracks across the whole weekend:

  • Fox Superflow® riders tackle the 15 possible timed runs – you need to clock in at least one on each of the 3 tracks.
  • Fox Superflow® PRO series riders tackle and ADDITIONAL 4th track with 20 possible timed runs – you need to clock in at least one on each track.
  • 13 hours available with all the support you need.
  • Race Saturday or Sunday or BOTH – spend the whole weekend racing!

Remember no vehicle or towing shuttles are allowed – Don’t forget that liaison to the starts are not timed, so grab your mate, friend, mum or dad and enjoy the leisurely ride to the top then be rewarded for your effort.


You don’t need to be a member of any cycling association to race with Rocky Trail. Some offer great insurance packages which are worthwhile checking out and you are in charge of your own health insurance when racing with us.

Schedule – for all participants


7.30am – 1.00pm Registration open
9.00am – 3.30pm Saturday Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs. You get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest one counts.
3.30pm Last Race Run


7.30am – 1.00pm Registration open
9.00am – 3.30pm Sunday Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs. You get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest counts.
3.30pm Last Race Run
3.45pm Event Presentations


  • A podium presentation will be held for those at the event centre with 1-2-3 podium spots awarded on Sunday.
  • Those who are not present on Sunday, Rocky Trail series podium plates and stickers can be collected at the next race.
  • MTB Direct vouchers for 1-2-3 podiums will be sent out via email.

Attention: Riders please carry plenty of water!


Race plates with passive timing chips, automatic race timing and LIVE results online all day.

Event Support:

  • Food & Drink: Daily Espressos on-site with hot and cold drinks, snacks, treats and breakfast and lunch food options – sandwiches, pasta, wraps etc. 
  • Fox Factory Australia – the full team will be rocking up, race team and all! Full service support team – get your shocks fixed and find out about the latest technology #walloforange
  • Tech Support: Bikes’n’Shocks team will be here to support you all weekend.
  • Ripclear Australia
  • Crofto Clothing – cool clothing apparel from the Central Coast.
  • Rad Bike Co. – Sunday

Event Facilities:

  • Toilets: The main car park has permanent toilets.
  • Camping: is allowed.
  • Water: Bring your own water, no facility on site.
  • Medical: On-site in the event centre and roaming out on track. The Race Director mobile number is available on your race plate for any issues out on track.
  • Team tents – Are welcome – please email ride@rockytrailentertainment.com to secure your spot near the Event Hub – plenty of space available!

Rocky Trail Merchandise:

  • Grab your Rocky Trail Jerseys designed by Dharco – cool design ($75 short and $85b long sleeve
  • Socks $15
  • Mudguards $20
  • NEW Rocky Trail hats made from recycled materials “eco-choice” – $30
  • Available from the Rocky Trail rego desk all weekend!

Available NOW:

Event Photos:

Outer Image Collective photographers will be on site to snap that action photo you have been dreaming about.

Volunteers welcome

Rocky Trail is always looking for crew to support the riders. If you can lend a hand either Saturday or Sunday complete our online form https://rockytrailentertainment.com/home/volunteering/ to be part of the team. Riders luv seeing supporters at our events.

Event updates during the race / weekend:

We always announce any major updates including any new COVID restriction announcements mainly via the FB event page, as well as our news blog and email newsletters. Please feel comfortable to register knowing we will refund or transfer your entry if QLD tips upside down like the other states.

Rider List and Results

All weekend you can find links to Rider List and LIVE Results via the drop-down menu from the event page on our website! Before the race day the page will display the RIDER LIST and from the race start onwards it will switch to LIVE then on Sunday after the race to final results. You can check these now and throughout the weekend via your mobile devices – to reduce touch points we will not have any public display computers on-site.

Emergency contacts:

Race Director – Martin Wisata 0403 090 952
Event Manager – Juliane Wisata 0416 737 972

First Fox Superflow?

Yeow!! Welcome to the Rocky Trail Tribe! It’s a very chilled out vibe, you’ll see, and you can make the day YOUR adventure. All our crew are very chatty, so do talk to them at rego and at the starts, they will be more than happy to support and talk you through things. Come to the rego tent first to pick up your plate and then it all falls into place. Here are some blogs that may be helpful, plus we are emailing the rider briefing out today as well:

COVID Event Guidelines

Rocky Trail Entertainment has all required Covid Safety plans and requirements in place.

We ask that if If you are showing any signs of the cold or flu or have a fever, that you please NOT come to the race. Please contact us immediately and we will transfer or refund your entry.

Now, get ready!

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

See. You. Soon.