Rider Briefing: Fox Superflow Gold Coast 2019

It’s on – Rocky Trail’s FIRST event weekend in Queensland is happening from 1-3 November! Superflow racing is your mountain bike life with the volume turned up and we will ROCK the Nerang National Park trails with thanks to the Gold Coast MTB Club!

This is the official rider briefing for all new #rockytrailracers at the Fox Superflow Gold Coast at Nerang National Park on 3 November 2019. There are a lot of details on our event website, so here is a summary of those important bits and pieces to know as you prepare for your event! We can’t wait to welcome you at Nerang National Park!

Online registrations open until Saturday, 2 November, midday.

About the event

This is the race that has been taking the Australian Rocky Trail gravity community by storm and it is coming to Queensland in November 2019! The inaugural event is held at Nerang National Park on Sunday 3 November (practice rides on the Saturday) and we have a whole line-up of more ‘super-flowy’ events coming up for you in 2020!

Rocky Trail Entertainment have been running over 250 races since 2008 and Fox Superflow events across NSW and the ACT since 2012 – they are based on the the popular US and European enduro races. However, we have adapted the format to suit the specific features of the Australian landscape and venue conditions. In 2018 the events had more than 2,000 entries by 890 racers!

The events are unique Australia-wide in that we can offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders – from elite to amateur racers to families, couples and groups of friends riding together. We have introduced a very flexible timing system so our events don’t require any start orders and riders can pick the sequence in which to complete the timed race stages themselves. That way, riders of different categories can spend all day riding and racing together.

Serious enough, casual enough, clockwork enough, and loads of fun.
Within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill – the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! No big jumps or drop-offs though and you ride to the starts un-timed – at your pace! Spend all day together, whatever category you’re in – perfect for families, groups of mates and couples of different ages and riding preferences!

You ride to the starts un-timed and that way the events have offered a big variety of trails. All can be as tough as you want them to be – there are always different line choices and generally, the faster and the harder you go, the more challenging they get.

With the launch of the Fox Superflow at Nerang National Park we will establish a Rocky Trail base with two dedicated Event Managers in Queensland.

Explore the trails on Saturday, race on Sunday
At all venues we mark the race tracks early so that you can explore them on the Saturday for an unofficial practice day. Race day is the Sunday. For details event schedules, visit the specific event pages for each round/venue.

Event contact

  • Jo Parker on 0424 955 332 (Event Manager)
  • Bob Morris on 0458 299 558 (Event Manager)

Entries and categories

Adult categories $85 : Junior categories $60 :
Veteran (30+)
Master (40+)
SuperMaster (50+)
Junior U19
Junior U17
Junior U15
Junior U13


Nerang National Park – Hope Street Nerang

Parking: Event parking will be available inside the gate to the left

Direct link to Venue Google Map

Only 12km from Surfers Paradise, Nerang National Park is home of one of the trail networks of the Gold Coast MTB Club. The race tracks will include Three Hills and Pete’s, the two Commonwealth Games descents as well as some of the soon to be sanctioned brand-new trails, including Bailey’s and BB’s. A huge thank you to the local GCMTB Club for hosting us for the first ever Fox Superflow weekend in QLD!

  • Fox – Starts at the top of Petes joining the Comm Games loop 3 descent
  • Stans – Starts at the top of Three Hills joining the Comm Games loop 2 descent
  • Lazer – Starts on Baileys and turns into BB’s then onto the Goanna Blue/Happy Valley track

Please note that camping is not allowed at this venue. May we recommend that you visit the Gold Coast Visitor Website to find accommodation. Nerang National Park is located right in the heart of the Gold Coast – the beaches are just a 20 min drive away!

Link: Destination Gold Coast Visitor Information

Schedule 2+3 November

all day Free practice: tracks are marked. Event staff and medic are on site to assist in any way.

7:30 am – 9 am Registration open for Superflow
9 am Rider briefing at event centre
9 am – 10.30 am Practice
approx 10.30 am – 3.30 pm Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs. The exact start and finish time depends on rider numbers and will be announced at the rider briefing
3 tracks – 1 run on each track – you get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest counts.
3.30 pm Last Race Run
approx. 4.00 pm Ceremony


Rider List: Will be online by the weekend

Timing: LIVE Timing will be available via http://www.rockytrailracer.com once the race has started

Fox product display

Major sponsor: Ride Fox Australia

Cyclinic will be representing our major sponsor Fox and display the latest Fox products

Facilities, services

Food: High Class Burgers will support the event with catering on the Sunday. The crew will offer a breakfast and lunch menu with MEAN, FRESH and QUALITY Homestyle cooked burgers 🍔 and 4 different popular hot chips cooked in 100% canola oil. If you have a dietary requirement there will also be Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Burgers 🍔 You can also have refreshments and fresh fruit, if you would like a freshly made salad they can also do this on request. Yum!

Please bring your own supplies, if you are practicing on Saturday.

Coffee: We will have the Jungle Bean Mobile Cafe on-site on Sunday serving fresh espresso, hot chocolates, chai, ice cold frappe’ and iced lattes along with the world famous JBean cookies.

Water: Please bring your own water

Sheryl from MTB Mechanic will be offering tech support

Photos: Entry fees include all race images by OuterImage.com.au; photo package is valued at $60 per rider.

eBike-friendly event! Rocky Trail supports eBikes and we offer eBike categories for male and female competitors! Tick the box when you sign up or tell us on the day!

Merchandise available!
Rocky Trail-Dirtsurfer Mudgards $20, and
M2O custom socks $15

First Aid: A first aid officer will be on-site

Rules and Regulations: available via the event website as well as the official Fox Superflow Rules and FAQ site, including that all race participants are responsible for their own medical and ambulance insurance and for medical and ambulance costs in the advent of an accident. Please familiarise yourself with all rules and regulations.