Rider Briefing | Fox Superflow | Stromlo ACT

Welcome to the Fox Superflow at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra! You can look forward to being part of the biggest racing weekend in the Rocky Trail history with well over 550 competitors already registered to hit the three race stages on offer. A huge line-up with sponsor stands, local event partners and a cracker of a catering offer – make this the perfect MTB getaway in the Capital this autumn. This is some general information for race participants and visitors to Canberra on the weekend.

Registration still OPEN! Sunday is fully booked, Saturday spots still available.

What awaits you: the Fox Superflow enduro-style MTB action with loads of send, massive gnar, spectacular climbs, fast and flowy descents for the gravity guns.

We have you covered across the weekend with many local businesses coming out and supporting the event.  Remember:

  • Registration will stay open all weekend so spread the word and grab your mate to join and become a rockytrailracer – at this stage Sunday is full with spots still available on the Saturday. Email ride@rockytrailentertainment.com if you want a spot for Sunday and we can put you on the wait list.
  • At this Fox Superflow event you can do your 5 race runs and you pick your race day: Saturday OR Sunday – each day is capped at 300 competitors.
  • All track runs are live timed so check your result as your cross the line.
  • This weekend a new record will be set for Rocky Trail in Canberra with close to 600 competitors expected to participate at Stromlo Forest Park. Read more…

The support from Stromlo Forest Park and the local operators in the park has been fantastic. 

Race and explore the Capital in autumn with us – a huge thanks to the Visit Canberra for their support. Click here for the #rockytrailracer Destination Guide in Canberra with lots of ideas for activities off the race track in and around the City plus two accommodation offers from the Abode Hotel Group as well as the Statesman Hotel.



We are so grateful for the outpour of support and enthusiasm by our Rocky Trail riders through 2020 and in 2021. We have been able to deliver successful events through the support of our. Community and with their assistance to ride within the constraints COVID 19 presented. We need to continue to comply to social distancing and other COVID rules to continue to run events.

A lot of thought has gone into this Rider Briefing and we expect all competitors and non-racing visitors to comply with how this event will be run. It is very challenging and a privilege to host this event and participate in this race – we appreciate your cooperation.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times in the open air event hub and when purchasing food and drinks. Face masks are not required outdoors but it is always a good idea to carry one if you intend on going into one of the Buller shop outlets.
  • NEW in 2021 at Stromlo: All event participantsracers as well as non-racing supporters and ANY visitor at the venue are required to sign in with the new “Check in CBR” App. The QR Code posters will be available at the registration hub on the day:

All race competitors, visitors, crew and spectators are required to sign into the “Check In CBR App” – you will be asked to show confirmation of the sign in (either on screen or via a screenshot) to receive your race plate and event centre / trail access.

How to check in:

  • QR Check In: Open the app and scan the QR Code at the registration desk of the race.
  • Manual check in if you can’t scan the code: Open the App and enter the code 832486 to check in manually.

We can wait to see you smashing it! – Remember, your race photos are included in your entry, be sure to download them after the race and share your stories using:



ABOUT the venue

Event centre and parking location: Stromlo Forest Park

Stromlo Forest Park – Opperman Avenue, Stromlo ACT

We love the ever-expanding and evolving trail network and putting together our favourite trail combinations for our events, always inspired by input from our local racers! More information about Stromlo Forest Park can be found here: www.stromloforestpark.com.au

It is a public MTB track and you can ride it in the lead up to the race.

Camping is allowed on Friday and Saturday night.

Event Format

You pick your preferred day of racing = Over 6 hrs of timed racing with all the support you need.
The Fox Superflow format provides so many options to the rider;
Tackle the 15 timed runs or just do one on each track. It is your adventure for the day!

Don’t forget liaison to the starts are not timed, so grab you mate, friend, mum or dad and enjoy the leisurely ride to the top then be rewarded with sweet flowy long tracks straight back into the event hub. Remember no shuttling allowed!



3.00 – 7.00pm Registration open
Our crew is on-site all day to set up, pick up your number plate in the afternoon or after work.


8.30 am – 1 pm Registration open
9 am – 3.30 pm Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs.
You get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest one counts.
3.30 pm Last Race Run


8.30 am – 1 pm Registration open
9 am – 3.30 pm Race runs – you can choose the order in which you do your race runs.
You get up to 5 runs per track and the fastest counts.
3.30 pm Last Race Run
3.45pm Est. Ceremony – A quick presentation of the weekend will be held kicking off approx. 3.45pm Sunday after the last run of the day. For those who can not stay, series race plates will be posted.

You choose either Saturday or Sunday as your race day during the registration process.


  • A quick presentation of the weekend will be held kicking off approx. 3.45pm on Sunday after the last run of the day.
  • For those who can not stay, series race plates will be posted by mail and a virtual presentation will be published next week.

Race tracks used

We are racing at the “front of the mountain” – Martin and the team did a trail check with the Stromlo building and maintenance crew from Iconic Trails on Thursday, 25 March. The trails have held up well during the rain of the last few days and Canberra had far less rain than NSW. We will race:

  • FOX: Skyline, Luge, Finish on fire trail at the end of Luge.
  • STANS: Start at the tunnel, Carolyn’s, Trebuchet, Old Duffy Descent.
  • LAZER: Start at the tunnel, top of Trebuchet into Triple Treat, then Wallaby Run, singletrail sprint along the Downhill track behind 4X hill, timing point at the Downhill finish.

Attention: No private shuttles.
Please note that this event does not allow shuttles at Stromlo Forest Park. The local Dynamic Motivation team, however, does offer Thursday, Friday and Friday sunset shuttle sessions. –

Check them out and 10% of those bookings go towards the fundraiser for our injured Rocky Trail racer Coleen Kehoe, who is still recovering from her spinal injury in December. Read more…

Event Support:

We thank the support of the local business across the weekend;

  • Food – the awesome crew from The Handlebar Cafe at Stromlo will be cooking and brewing up a storm all weekend with the delicious menu from The Grease Monkey available too! Cafe opening times are: 7am – 9pm on Fri, Sat and Sunday.
  • Visiting the Capital and looking to explore – check out our Destination Guide for #rockytrailracers to get you started!
  • Tech Support: Cycle City at Stromlo has been a huge help promoting the event and will offer bike support across the weekend. Stop by and check them out!
  • Fox Australia will have a showcase and display stand
  • Lazer Helmets will have a huge display up – check out the latest models and grab some awesome deals from their merch range too!
  • KrushOz will be on site helping you keep those racing machines mint
  • 299 Designs will be showcasing their active range
  • RedBull & Choonz: The sweet tunes of Rocky Trail Rradio with DJ Mista Nige powered by earSHOTS will be filling the air across the weekend. Come, say hi to the Wiings Team and grab a cold Redbull and enjoy.

Event Facilities:

  • TOILETS: Onsite in the Stromlo pavillion.
  • WATER: Water tabs available in the event centre and at the top of the main climb (near observatory).
  • MEDICAL: on-site in the event centre medical support and roaming out on track.

Event Photos:

Outer Image Collective photographers will be on site to snap that action photo you have been dreaming about. School Managers gather your team before racing to capture the perfect shot for the Year Book and help promote Mountain Biking in your school.


Sunny days are ahead! We expect the weather to be good for the weekend at Stromlo.

Event updates during the race / weekend:

We always announce any major updates mainly via the FB event page, as well as our news blog and email newsletters:

Rider List and Results

All weekend you can find links to Rider List and LIVE Results via the drop-down menu from the event page on our website! You can check these now and throughout the weekend via your mobile devices – to reduce touch points we will not have any public display computers on-site.

Emergency contacts:

Race Director – Martin Wisata 0403 090 952
Event Manager – Bob Morris 0458 299 558
Event Manager – Jo Parker 0424 955 332
Media Liaison – Juliane Wisata 0416 737 972

COVID-specific Event Rules

How are we running this event and how do we keep you safe? By limiting the rider field to 300 per day (events up to 500 are allowed at the moment in NSW) you can see right away that we still err on the side of caution. So please understand if some of the rules appear harsh, but we need to ensure that we can keep racing in this new world.

  • Social Distancing: Our main request is that you follow the Covid-Safe rules and regulations as laid out by the ACT Government and observe strict Social Distancing Rules throughout your race day. A lot of thought has gone into this Rider Briefing and we expect all competitors and non-racing visitors to comply with how this event will be run. It is very challenging and a privilege to host this event and participate in this race – we appreciate your cooperation.
  • Racers AND Non-racing supporters and ANY visitor at the venue are required to sign in via the “Check In CBR” App. (scroll up for info)

Rocky Trail Covid-19 safety guidelines:

  1. BEFORE THE RACE: If any of the following applies please contact us immediately.
    We will transfer or refund your entry but you CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in the event:
    1. If you are showing any signs of the cold or flu.
    2. If you have event the slightest fever (we have facilities on site to test and will send you home immediately if you have fever).
    3. Please be aware that we will and are ready to shut down and postpone the event if direct Federal or State Health orders change in the event lead up until Friday.
    4. For details regarding event transfers or to cancel an entry, please refer to our policy.
  2. ON RACE DAY: There are a few important changes on how we run things on the day:
    1. ACCESS:
      • We have arranged exclusive use of the race tracks mentioned above, but please be mindful of non-competitors who might disregard our signage.
      • if you are spectating on your non-racing day, please check in online and report to the Rego tent as a supporter/visitor.
      • You can practice on non-racing days, but we won’t have any services (marshalls, first aid) in place.
      • Volunteers are welcome, again come out and bring your bike if you have one.
    2. RACE PLATE: You can pick up your race plate with the timing chip from the rego and info point – check the schedule for opening times.
      • This way we avoid queues near the registration area.
      • If you queue up at a start line please leave a bike length between each other.
      • Overall we don’t expect much queuing as the field will spread quickly.
      • When you finish your race please give each other as much space as possible.
      • No hand-shaking permitted at event.
      • Please understand that we need to be very strict on this . Non-compliance will result in revoking race access or disqualification.
    4. CHEERING: Keep 4m distance to the race track!
      • If you ‘hackle’ or encourage other riders on their race run please do so at least 4m away from the race track.
      • Shouting is a known source of virus transmission and we MUST minimise the risk there. Non-compliance will result in revoking race access or disqualification.
      • Race results are LIVE throughout the day.
      • Access race results via the website.
      • Giveaways for every racer: Rocky Trail water bottle.
      • IMPORTANT: CHECK YOUR RACE RESULTS with us or as soon as you cross the line! The top three podium getters in each age category will receive their podium medal.
      • No ‘snot rockets’ (blowing your nose without a tissue) in the vicinity of other people.
      • Hand washing stations and sanitation stations are available at the venue.
      • Please regularly clean your hands with an alcoholic-based hand rub or wash hands with soap and water (especially after going to bathroom, before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing).
      • Riders and visitors are encouraged to wear (cycling) gloves when picking up number plates.
      • Unless from the same family, we discourage you from car-pooling to the venue.
      • Every person at the event (including non-racers) need to register.
      • Racers will be tracked with race plates.
      • Non-competitors will need to sign on via the online system.

Enforcement of COVID Safe Plan

If we see blatant breaches of those rules we will ask you to leave the event. You are not only potentially endangering other racers, but also the future of our business.

We recommend but won’t enforce that all event participants use the Covid Safe App to assist health authorities with tracking potentially.

Please understand that the team won’t shake hands, hug, high five or fist bump anyone and will be trying keep some distance to all riders during registration, start and finish. There will be a lot socially distance elbow bumps from us, which is almost as good .

Now, get ready!

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

See. You. Soon.