Rider Briefing | Rocky Trail Academy Junior MTB GP | Daisy HIll QLD

Welcome to the Rocky Academy Junior MTB GP at Daisy Hill in Logan! This is Rocky Trail’s special edition cross-country race for young shredders from 5-15 years!

This is the first Junior MTB GP in QLD for 2021!

Rocky Trail Entertainment are hosting a Junior GP races for kids aged between 5yo and 15yo this year in Logan at the fantastic Daisy Hill trail network. This is an introduction to MTB racing and will be held in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Registration still OPEN!

What awaits you: A taste of cross-country racing and as many smiles as we can fit!

We hope your adults will be able to make our Shimano MTB Grand Prix cross-country event on Saturday. For this first Queensland Rocky Trail XC event we would like to thank the Logan City Council and the local business community for their fantastic support.

We would like to thank the Logan City Council and the local business community for their fantastic support.

We invite you to explore the beautiful City of Logan while you’re in the region for our event – the City of Logan has so much to offer! From manicured riverside parks and natural bushland reserves, to weekend farmer’s markets, adrenaline-charged adventures, unique shopping experiences and cultural encounters – the variety will surprise you!

STAY & PLAY – check out our Destination Guide for #rockytrailracers about Logan and the Daisy Hill surrounds with accommodation offers and experience ideas.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of the following local partners:


During 2020 the Rocky Trail crew and racing community have adopted an additional set of event and racing rules in order to keep racing in the Covid-19 events environment. We are drawing on the experiences we have gained as organisers, however, also as a competitor and spectator at the events you play an important role. – Please take the time to watch or read through this entire rider briefing.

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A lot of thought has gone into this Rider Briefing and we expect all competitors and non-racing visitors to comply with how this event will be run. It is very challenging and a privilege to host this event and participate in this race – we appreciate your cooperation.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times in the open air event hub and when purchasing food and drinks.
  • We are tracking all event participants – non-racing supporters and ANY visitor at the venue are required to sign in for an Event Access Pass ahead of the race or on the day via these links:

Event introduction

The Junior GP format provides a ‘seriously fun” experience for all with a race as a backdrop.

  • Registrations open at 8 am and the friendly staff are there to make your racing experience as easy as possible.
  • Riders will be called to the start at approximately 5minutes before their scheduled start.
  • Racing will start at:
    • 9:00am Tough Two Race – short loop x 2
    • 9:30am Mighty Three Race – short loop x 3
    • 10:10am Feisty Four Race – short loop x 4
    • 11:00am Strong Six Race – long loop x 3
    • 11:45am Flying Eight Race – long loop x 4
  • Each racer will receive a Rocky Trail drink bottle or sticker set for completing the event.

We can wait to see your smiles



ABOUT the venue

The Event Hub is located approx. 300m inside the gate at the Ford Rd trail head car park. No vehicles are permitted inside the gate.

  • Parking is available inside the Karreman Quarries property immediately adjacent the Ford Rd carpark. Parking marshals will be onsite to assist the carparking. Please assist by following their instructions and by parking close to the car next to you.
  • Arrive early and allow yourself enough time to get parked, registered and setup. Remember the walk from carpark to transition area is approx.500mtrs.
  • There is about 100m where pedestrians and cyclist will share the driveway with the cars entering. Please be careful and respectful of safety in this area especially.
  • You are welcome to drop tents and equipment on Friday, Call Bob 0458 299 558 to arrange vehicle access. Security will be on site Friday night.
  • Follow the signs and our volunteer marshals.
  • Take extra caution turning off Ford Rd.

About the race track:

The start will be in the event hub. From the event Hub down Mallee -Pluncket fire road to turn left onto “Grasstrees West”. Short loop will link to the short climb up the “Grasstree East” back to the Event hub. 1.1km long (800m of single track). Long loop will circuit back to the Mallee -Pluncket fire road before a left turn onto Buhot Creek Circuit and left again onto Quarry Rd break, before doing the full length of “Grasstree East” back to the event hub. 2.2km long (1.6km single track).

Event Format

Racers can choose how far they race rather than being squeezed into age groups. Racing is fun!

Parents are expected to celebrate all racers equally and stay until the last rider crossed the line in each race to encourage excellent sportsmanship.

Race Distances:

GP Grasshoppers:

  • Tough Two Race – short loop x 2
    Targeted to the youngest riders (under 8’s) with a duration of between 10minutes and 20minutes.
  • Mighty Three Race – short loop x 3
    Targeted to U10 and strong U8 riders and an expected duration of 15minutes to 25minutes.
  • Feisty Four Race – short loop x 4 Targeted to U10 with an expected duration of 20minutes to 30minutes.

GP Shredders:

  • Strong Six Race – long loop x 3
    Targeted to U13 and strong U10 riders and an expected duration of 25minutes to 35minutes.
  • Flying Eight Race – long loop x 4
    Targeted to U15 and U13 with an expected duration of 30minutes to 45minutes.

How does it work?

  • Classic XC format with the winner decided by the broadest smile
  • Race tracks will be well marked.
  • Parent helpers will be needed on the day to support kids around the race track. Email jo@rockytrailentertainment.com if you are available to help. Find out more about Rocky Trail’s volunteer program on our “Join the Crew” page.


8:00am Registrations Open
9:00am Tough Two Race – short loop x 2
9:30am Mighty Three Race – short loop x 3
10:10am Feisty Four Race – short loop x 4
11:00am Strong Six Race – long loop x 3
11:45am Flying Eight Race – long loop x 4
12:30am Event Closed

Event Facilities:

  • Medical: 1300Medics will be on site for the duration of event with roaming marshals out assisting across the day
  • Toilets:  Portable toilets will be provided at the event hub
  • WATER: NO WATER IS AVAILABLE ON SITE – please bring sufficient personal supply


A sunny day is ahead! We expect the weather to be good for the weekend at Daisy Hill. The current forecast is for a top of 26C and mostly sunny.

Event updates during the race / weekend:

We always announce any major updates mainly via the FB event page, as well as our news blog and email newsletters:

Rider List and Results

All weekend you can find links to Rider List and LIVE Results via the drop-down menu from the event page on our website! You can check these now and throughout the weekend via your mobile devices – to reduce touch points we will not have any public display computers on-site.

Emergency contacts:

Race Director – Bob Morris 0458 299 558
Event Manager, Media liaison – Jo Parker 0424 955 332

General race regulations

  • Race etiquette – Important: you MUST adhere to social distancing rules AND rude behaviour out on track is not acceptable. Please be kind to each other. We are all here to have fun. Chat to our Event Managers if you have any questions.
  • We love to help and chat! Our staff at rego and at the starts are there to help. Talk to them.
  • Don’t litter – please take your rubbish back with you or throw it in the landfill or recycling bins we have near the registration tent.
  • Toilets will be cleaned and disinfect during the day. Please let us know if they need a clean.
  • Timing will be done with your timing chip – please ensure it is on your bike/attached to your chest and in the MTB that the plastic doesn’t touch any metal parts of your bike (e.g. don’t wrap the number plate around your handlebar).
  • You agreed to our RACE WAIVER when you registered online – here is a link to the RACE WAIVER again
  • Click here for DETAILED RACE RULES

COVID-specific Event Rules

How are we running this event and how do we keep you safe? By limiting the rider field to 300 per day (events up to 500 are allowed at the moment in NSW) you can see right away that we still err on the side of caution. So please understand if some of the rules appear harsh, but we need to ensure that we can keep racing in this new world.

  • Social Distancing: Our main request is that you follow the Covid-Safe rules and regulations as laid out by the ACT Government and observe strict Social Distancing Rules throughout your race day. A lot of thought has gone into this Rider Briefing and we expect all competitors and non-racing visitors to comply with how this event will be run. It is very challenging and a privilege to host this event and participate in this race – we appreciate your cooperation.
  • Racers AND Non-racing supporters and ANY visitor at the venue are required to sign in via the relevant smartphone app. (scroll up for info)

Rocky Trail Covid-19 safety guidelines:

  1. BEFORE THE RACE: If any of the following applies please contact us immediately.
    We will transfer or refund your entry but you CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in the event:
    1. If you are showing any signs of the cold or flu.
    2. If you have event the slightest fever (we have facilities on site to test and will send you home immediately if you have fever).
    3. Please be aware that we will and are ready to shut down and postpone the event if direct Federal or State Health orders change in the event lead up until Friday.
    4. For details regarding event transfers or to cancel an entry, please refer to our policy.
  2. ON RACE DAY: There are a few important changes on how we run things on the day:
    1. ACCESS:
      • We are utilising majority of the trail network, if you are not racing please chat to Jo at the rego tent to understand where you can ride.
      • if you are spectating on your non-racing day, please check in online and report to the Rego tent as a supporter/visitor.
      • You can practice on non-racing days, but we won’t have any services (marshalls, first aid) in place.
      • Volunteers are welcome, again come out and bring your bike if you have one.
    2. RACE PLATE: You can pick up your race plate with the timing chip from the rego and info point – check the schedule for opening times.
      • This way we avoid queues near the registration area.
      • If you queue up at a start line please leave a bike length between each other.
      • Overall we don’t expect much queuing as the field will spread quickly.
      • When you finish your race please give each other as much space as possible.
      • No hand-shaking permitted at event.
      • Please understand that we need to be very strict on this . Non-compliance will result in revoking race access or disqualification.
    4. CHEERING: Keep 4m distance to the race track!
      • If you ‘hackle’ or encourage other riders on their race run please do so at least 4m away from the race track.
      • Shouting is a known source of virus transmission and we MUST minimise the risk there. Non-compliance will result in revoking race access or disqualification.
      • Race results are LIVE throughout the day.
      • Access race results via the website.
      • approx. 4:00pm Last Rider and Sweeper across the line and event finishes.
      • Presentation ceremony will kick off when majority of riders are back, approx. 1.40pm and 3.30pm
      • Giveaways to every racer: pick a Red Bull or Rocky Trail sticker sheet at rego.
      • IMPORTANT: CHECK YOUR RACE RESULTS with us or as soon as you cross the line! The top three podium getters in each age category will receive a podium prize.
      • No ‘snot rockets’ (blowing your nose without a tissue) in the vicinity of other people.
      • Hand washing stations and sanitation stations are available at the venue.
      • Please regularly clean your hands with an alcoholic-based hand rub or wash hands with soap and water (especially after going to bathroom, before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing).
      • Riders and visitors are encouraged to wear (cycling) gloves when picking up number plates.
      • Unless from the same family, we discourage you from car-pooling to the venue.
      • Every person at the event (including non-racers) need to register.
      • Racers will be tracked with race plates.
      • Non-competitors will need to sign on via the online system.

Enforcement of COVID Safe Plan

If we see blatant breaches of those rules we will ask you to leave the event. You are not only potentially endangering other racers, but also the future of our business.

We recommend but won’t enforce that all event participants use the Covid Safe App to assist health authorities with tracking potentially.

Please understand that the team won’t shake hands, hug, high five or fist bump anyone and will be trying keep some distance to all riders during registration, start and finish. There will be a lot socially distance elbow bumps from us, which is almost as good .

Now, get ready!

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

See. You. Soon.