Rider briefing: Shimano MTB GP Champs | Awaba

Be a #rockytrailracer and join fellow mountain bikers for a ‘seriously fun’ racing experience at Awaba MTB Park on 26 October 2019! You’ll be in for classic cross-country lap racing at its best – race solo or in teams for four or seven hours in the battle for the Championship titles of the “Rocky Trail World”!

The local Hunter MTB Association has done a lot of trail maintenance and building recently and they are keen to showcase their hard work – and race too!

Bring the fambam! We will host our popular Kids MTB Fair together with the local coaches from Momentum Is Your Friend – this is a FREE activity as part of the Shimano MTB GP action and we ask that you RSVP/Sign Up the kids ahead online, so we can plan the day with our coaches.

This is the RIDER BRIEFING for the Shimano MTB GP on 26 October 2019.

Cross-country lap racing at its best! – Race Saturday, beaches and cafes Sunday.

Online registration closes Friday evening.

If you have already signed up, it’s awesome to have you on board! Still one the fence? Online registrations are open until Friday before race day! Should we be getting close to selling out, we will communicate it via our website and our social media platforms.

The local HMBA Club have put in a lot of maintenance work over the past few months – come and join us for the series finale and have a ‘little adventure’ on rocky trails at Awaba with us!

The venue – Awaba State Forest

The trails are managed by the Forestry Corporation and built and maintained by the Hunter MTB Association.
Camping is allowed at this venue.

You can find a map on the EVENT WEBSITE. Please note that we will finalise the track this week. Martin is en-route from Mongolia and we will go out for a ride on Thursday to mark the track and publish the final map then.


> Link to local HMBA club website

At Rocky Trail we love supporting and working together with local clubs – they know the best trails and it gives us great pleasure to be a funding stream for their trail building efforts and club initiatives. With a lot of the clubs having their home trails in State Forests, we are also closely working together with the Forestry Corporation, liaising with them on trail usage and sustainability.

The racing – a social affair

It has been very important to us to keep this series a set of very social races. We are attracting some of the big names in the XC racing world – often the local guns come out for a play or come along for the series to keep training throughout the year, or, as we’ve been told quite often, “we come because it’s fun and you guys put on a good show”. That’s flattering to hear, however, you must know that with our crew and suppliers, we strive to organise professional events that are safe, fair, value for money, that take you to exciting venues and those where we mountain bikers are welcome.

Everyone gets results in a General Classification as well as in Age Divisions.

> Race categories overview

Are you riding an e-Bike? You’re most welcome to compete at Rocky Trail events! Tick the e-Bike BOX when you register onlineto go into the special classification! Click here for the category information.

We want to deliver a series that is less of an elite- and winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all participants. The majority of our racers are amateur riders and we love riding and racing ourselves, so we do like to put on some good tunes and most of the time our “honorary Entertainment Manager”, DJ Nigel from Pedal4Pierce, our charity of choice, will spin not only his wheels but also the decks to crank out some tunes that will push you out onto each lap and keep you entertained as you are having a rest in the event centre.

Race schedule

All day The track is marked and you can practice on it but we won’t have any services (marshalls, first aid) in place

Racing starts at 9am – pick up your number plate from 7am.

7:00-8:00 am Registration open to pick up your number plate.
8:45am Rider briefing, be race ready.
9:00am Race start – FAST GP + FURIOUS GP
9:30am Sign on for Kids MTB Fair
10am-12pm Rocky Trail Kids MTB Fair
1:00pm Race finish – FAST GP
2:00pm Ceremony – FAST GP
4:00pm Race finish – FURIOUS GP
5:00pm Ceremony – FURIOUS GP

> Detailed event schedule

Event Facilities

As this is a State Forest venue, camping is allowed and for free. We will have toilets at the event centre from Friday afternoon; our caterer comes on Saturday morning.

Food & Drinks
You can bring your own supplies and we’ll have our caterer on-site who will look after you all day with hot and cold drinks of course and they always have something up their sleeves when it comes to the food and snacks. Choose from yoghurt and muesli and fresh fruit as well as pasta dishes, your classic sandwhiches and snacks to tasty shakes and sweet treats.

Please bring your own water and hydration.

Support Service
We will have the crew from FIZO Cycling on-site to assist you with mechanicals – they have some cool offers when it comes to bike service and set-up, have a chat to Jason “Moxy” Moxham and he can sort you out.

Entertainment for visitors & kids
Having said that, we welcome visitors and spectators and invite you to bring your families and kids and friends and parents and partners along to watch you race. For the little visitors we do colouring-in pages and little giveaways and free junior races – these are very simple time-trial style races around the event centre or on kids tracks if the venues allow it.

We will put on the third edition of the Rocky Trail Kids MTB Fair and did you know about the Rocky Trail Cruzee Kids Bike Fleet?

The hard facts – what you get

We want to reward as many riders as possible with prizes across the series. Therefore,

We will hand out the prizes BEFORE the race start!

Rather than handing out the prizes we get from our fantastic sponsors to the winning riders only, we are spreading more spot prizes across the entire field. We will issue as many raffle giveaway tickets as we receive prizes from our sponsors at each race and they will be categorised according to item value. Each rider with a “winning ticket” will be able to pick a prize from the “Rocky Trail Bazaar” of spot prizes. All other tickets go into the draw for a selected number of major prizes, which will differ from race to race. Having said that, here’s what you get:

Winning number plates!

Each category winner at the Awaba Shimano MTB GP next Saturday on 26 October will be awarded the “Rocky Trail World Championship” title and a race plates that you can use at any Rocky Trail event for the entire 2020 Season. Yep, it’s reserved for our Champions all year!

Series information

The Shimano MTB GP Series will return with an awesome line-up of classic and new NSW and ACT locations and for the first time also Queensland venues in 2020! Stay tuned for all the updates and information over the next few months!

For any more questions, please contact us via cycle@rockytrailentertainment.com and visit the event website.

A huge thanks to the continued support by our headline sponsor Shimano Cycling Australia – you guys ROCK!

Photos: OuterImage.com.au