Rider Briefing Shimano MTB GP | MT Crosby QLD

For this event we will have exclusive access to the Tyamolum Scout Park MTB Trails in Mt Crosby – a hidden little gem located 30 mins from the CBD are located near the Moggill Conservation Park. The network of raw trails located within Tyamolum Scout campsite is unknown to most.

We selected these trails to host the next Shimano MTB GP in the South East Corner of Queensland to showcase the next exciting new trail network for Brisbane riders. Big plans are underway with this venue to include Gravity and more single track into the future.

Bob Morris Race Director

Now is the time to show your support, gather your mates, clock up the k’s and come and race in your local backyard. The Shimano GP format provides a ‘seriously fun” racing experience for all and don’t forget it is on a Sunday so plenty of time to get prepared.

Also camping is on offer at the venue with multiple areas available for you and the family and if you are lucky the natural creek running through the site might have a waterhole for a refreshing dip.

Event partners

We would also like to thank:



We remain grateful for the outpouring of support and enthusiasm by our Rocky Trail riders and community over the last few months.
We will continue to run Rocky Trail events in Queensland, whilst the health advice about COVID-19 permits us. We need your cooperation.

How are we running this event and how do we keep you safe? – A lot of thought has gone into this Rider Briefing and we expect all competitors and non-racing visitors to comply with how this event will be run. It is very challenging and a privilege to host this event and participate in this race – we appreciate your cooperation.

We are tracking all event participants – non-racing supporters and ANY visitor at the venue are required to sign in for an Event Access Pass ahead of the race or on the day via these links:

Please understand if some of the rules appear harsh but we need to ensure that we can keep racing in this new world.

IMPORTANT: we understand completely that these are difficult and complex times and therefore, if you feel anxious, unsure or not comfortable to participate in this event, please contact us via ride@rockytrailentertainment.com and we WILL REFUND your entry, no questions asked.


The Shimano MTB GP’s are cross-country endurance lap racing at its best!

Race for four (GP4) or seven (GP7) hours solo, in relay pairs or teams of three.
The Shimano MTB GP’s events are all about ‘seriously fun racing’!
Podium chasers can line up with Australia’s elites and experienced amateur endurance racers plus casual racers will have a blast, all feeling safe and part of an inspiring community.

For those of you, for whom this will be the first Rocky Trail event, we differ from most other events by offering a much more relaxed format. For the Shimano MTB GP specifically the race format is as follows:

  • Most laps per solo rider or team in the least amount of time wins.
  • There are age-group and eBike categories.
  • Expect less of a winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all racers.
  • Our staff at rego and at the starts are there to help. Talk to them.
  • Please note – we are Covid Safe compliant, your briefing will be virtual, we’ll be social distancing, the medal ceremony will be virtual and we’ll make this the safest event you’ve ever been at!
  • We can wait to see you smashing it! – Remember, your race photos are included in your entry, be sure to download them after the race and share your stories using:

# rockytrailracer

In the following, please familiarise yourself with VENUE-SPECIFIC information and scroll down for EVENT REGULATIONS with regards to our Covid Safe Plans.

ABOUT: Mt Crosby Venue

Event centre and parking location: Bunya Street,Tyamolum Scout Camp.

  • Please be careful when turning right into Bunya Street from Mt Crosby road as it is a blind corner. Indicate early, slow down so the cars behind are aware of your intention.
  • Drive to bottom carpark gate and park inside the Scout camp. Overflow parking available on Bunya St. Please do not park in local resident driveways.


Visit the event website

Race tracks used:

  • This is an old school, hand cut track of approximately 6km. Expect fire roads at regular intervals for easy passing.
  • 180m of climbing total with only 60m of elevation change across the whole track.
  • Approximately 200m of transition area right beside the car park will make transitions a breeze.

A mass start at 9am kicks off the proceedings of the day.

  • Heading down the fire road , traveling through the Event Hub and transition area before hitting new single track down into the creek bed
  • The leading into the newly named BLACK THONG single track back onto fire road for the first climb.
  • From here the tracks weave across the ridgeline traversing through pockets of forest before entering a green oasis along the side of the creek. With the recent rain showers and wheels on the ground tracks are settling in nicely and we are all looking forward to seeing rider and racers experiencing the new trail network so close to the CBD

Upon arrival on site:

  • Head to the Rocky Trail Registration Marquee
  • Collect the race plate and giveaway drink bottle
  • Attach race plate to the front handle bars of the bike using cable ties that are given
  • Include photo of raceplate if possible
  • 15mins prior to your race start – head to the big Red Bull Marquee to be ready for race callup.
  • Do not go to the start line! Our race director Bob Morris will marshall you to the start.
  • Only one race will be on track at a time.
  • No practise allowed after 8.45am, all riders to be off track before 9am start.
  • Volunteer parent marshalls are required. Please see Jo at registration to help during the race. More parents out supporting kids along the track the better for us.
  • All finishes will receive a Rocky Trail postcard certificate congratulating them.
  • Remember this event is about participation not result.
  • #morekidsonbikes

What you can expect:

  • A well-marked course
  • Caution signs in technical areas
  • Passing opportunities
  • Online rider briefing prior to event
  • Music, coffee and medical service in case something doesn’t go to plan
  • Easy registration
  • And a supportive community

Come along and join the team to make the first Shimano MTB GP Mt Crosby a great success for the Region!

Services and facilities:

  • Parking: Available inside the Scout camp with overflow along Bunya Street
  • Coffee: We have you covered, the team from Tipple & Tamper will be on site from 7am serving coffee and drinks with various snacks. https://www.facebook.com/tippleandtamperMedical: 1300 MEDICS will be on site for the duration of event with roaming marshalls out assisting across the day
  • A unisex amenities block is on site

Attention interstate racers:

Queensland is open to the majority of Australians. For non-Queenslanders a QLD border pass is required. Please get your access pass via this link: https://www.qld.gov.au/border-pass/queensland-border-declaration-pass-july-10

Emergency contacts:

  • Race Director – Bob Morris 0458 299 558
  • Event Manager & Media Liaison – Jo Parker 0424 955 332


The usual race rules still apply as always. In summary:

  • You need to stay on the race track. No cheating or ‘sneaky pro lines’ where you leave the track and re-enter.
  • Don’t litter – please take your rubbish back with you or throw it in the landfill or recycling bins we have near the registration tent.
  • Timing will be done with your timing chip – please ensure it is on your bike and that the plastic doesn’t touch any metal parts of your bike (e.g. don’t wrap the number plate around your handlebar).
  • If you need to pass a rider out on track please do it in a friendly and safe way. Keep in mind that you have multiple runs per track so if you get held up you can always have another go.
  • You agreed to our RACE WAIVER when you registered online – here is a link to the RACE WAIVER again

Did you know?

Rocky Trail will also put on a Junior MTB GP on the Saturday for little grommets 5-15!


We have been implementing and operating under a strict Covid-19 Safety Plan. In the following, please read and acknowledge the event-specific rules, procedures and regulations:

  1. If any of the following applies please contact us immediately.
    We will transfer or refund your entry but you CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in the event:
    1. If you live or have been to a published Covid-19 Hot Spot: please check the Hot Spot list here
    2. If you are showing any signs of the cold or flu
    3. If you have even the slightest fever (we have facilities on site to test and will send you home immediately if you have fever)
    4. Find out more information about the QLD border restrictions
    5. Again, we understand completely that these are difficult and complex times and therefore, if you feel anxious, unsure or not comfortable to participate in this event, please contact us via ride@rockytrailentertainment.com and we WILL REFUND your entry, no questions asked.
  2. There are a few important changes on how we run things on the day:
    1. ACCESS: All spectators, supporters, school staff and volunteers must register using the spectator event link.
      • All spectators, supporters and volunteers sign in HERE ahead of the event
      • It is extremely important to capture everyone’s attendance on the day, even it is only for 10mins.
      • We have exclusive use of the trail network
      • If you are a non-racer, please check in at the Rego tent as a supporter/visitor.
      • Track is now marked and open for practise.  Come out check it out and then see JO if you would like to enter solo or team. 
      • Volunteers are welcome, again come out and bring your bike if you have one.
      • When you arrive follow the signs to the parking area.
      • We need to maximise parking in this area so please ensure you park as close as possible to the car next to you and keep the road clear in and out.
      • Do not park across local resident driveways.
      • If bringing a marquee we welcome drop off Friday or Saturday.
      • If you are setting up a tent for riders you must respect the 2m2 rule so under a 3×3 tent there can only be 2.25 people.
    3. RACE PROCEDURES: You can pick up your race plate with the timing chip between 7.30am and 8:45am.
      • This way we avoid queues near the registration area.
      • If you are late, don’t worry, come to see us at the rego tent and we will assist you. You can still have your race and we’ll explain it all to you then.
      • 8:45am Rider call up, be race ready.
      • The official rider briefing usually held before the race start is replaced by this means of communication.
      • Riders will need to follow signs to the start.
      • Riders are asked to self-seed into the large start grid area. Please ensure social distancing is maintained through this process.
      • Most laps per solo rider or team in the least amount of time wins.
    4. EVENT START SCHEDULE – changes due to COVID19-measures apply!
      • 9:00am Race start – Riders to self-seed into the large start grid area, please follow signage and instructions by our crew.
      • Please remember to observe social distancing throughout this process, we’ll be there to assist.
      • The simplest way is to remember to do it in a single file leaving a bike length between each other.
    5. EVENT FINISH: You cannot start another until those cut-off race finish times.
      • 1:00pm Race finish – GP4 Solo and Teams
      • 4:00pm Race finish – GP7 Solo and Teams
      • You complete the lap you are on after the above stated finish time, it counts towards your result still.
      • • Again, when you are gridding up at the start line, please do it in a single file leaving a bike length between each other.
      • • No hand-shaking permitted at event.
      • • Please understand that we need to be very strict on this . Non-compliance will result in revoking race access or disqualification.
    7. CHEERING: Keep 4m distance to the race track!
      • If you ‘hackle’ or encourage other riders on their race run please do so at least 4m away from the race track.
      • Shouting is a known source of virus transmission and we MUST minimise the risk there. Non-compliance will result in revoking race access or disqualification.
      • approx 5:00pm Last Rider and Sweeper across the line and event finishes.
      • Race results are LIVE throughout the day.
      • Access race results via the website.
      • Presentation ceremony will kick off when majority of riders are back, approx. 1.40pm and 4.30pm
      • IMPORTANT: CHECK YOUR RACE RESULTS as soon as you cross the line! The top three podium getters in each age category will receive a podium medal
      • Giveaways to every racer: pick a RedBull or Rocky Trail bandana at rego.
      • Race progress results are LIVE online throughout the day.
      • Final results will be published online at conclusion of event.
      • Water: Please bring your own drinking water – we will not have shared water.
      • Catering: Coffee van only on site with limited snacks. Please adhere to strict social distancing rules when ordering and waiting for your order. Please follow our crew and staff directions at all times.
      • Toilets: there is a public unisex amentie block on-site and we will service it regularly. Disinfectant and wipes will be provided.
      • First Aid: will be based in the event centre and roaming out on track.
      • Mechanic: neutral support and parts will be available from Kenmore Cycle shop
      • No ‘snot rockets’ (blowing your nose without a tissue) in the vicinity of other people.
      • Hand washing stations and sanitation stations are available at the venue.
      • Please regularly clean your hands with an alcoholic-based hand rub or wash hands with soap and water (especially after going to bathroom, before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing).
      • Riders and visitors are encouraged to wear (cycling) gloves when picking up number plates.
      • Unless from the same family, we discourage you from car-pooling to the venue.
      • Every person at the event (including non-racers) need to register.
      • Racers will be track with race plates.
      • Non-competitors will be issued a Race Access pass. Please wear the race access pass at all times.
      • May we ask that you sign up non-competing supporters or visiting friends and families who are on-site with you AHEAD of the event via this link:

Schedule Quick Reference Guide

All day The track is being marked and you can practice on it but we won’t have any services (marshalls, first aid) in place.

Saturday – Full track open for practise at the conclusion of the Shimano junior GP, approx. 1pm. You can practise the Eastern side in the morning

7:15-8:45 am Registration open to pick up your number plate.
8:45am Rider call up, be race ready.
The official rider briefing usually held before the racestart will be available online before the race.
9:00am Race start
1:00pm Race finish – GP4 Solo and Teams
4:00pm Race finish – GP7 Solo and Teams
approx 5:00pm Last Rider and Sweeper across the line and event finishes.

Enforcement of COVID Safe Plan

If we see blatant breaches of those rules we will ask you to leave the event. You are not only potentially endangering other racers, but also the future of our business.

We recommend but won’t enforce that all event participants use the Covid Safe App to assist health authorities with tracking potentially.

Please understand that the team won’t shake hands, hug, high five or fist bump anyone and will be trying keep some distance to all riders during registration, start and finish. There will be a lot socially distance elbow bumps from us, which is almost as good 🙂

Download the full Covid-19 Safety Plan below and here is a summary:


You will still have to get ready for the massive surge of adrenaline when you drop into your time race stages. When you rail those berms and fly across the trails, crossing the finish line with your heart pumping. You’re alive. You’re doing what you love. And that’s why Rocky Trail exist. So that you can RACE the way you RIDE.

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

See. You. Soon.