Rider Briefing | Shimano MTB GP Nowra 2021

Welcome to the Shimano MTB Grand Prix at Coondoo State Forest near Nowra!

Registration still OPEN!

What awaits you: cross-country racing at its best!

The Coondoo MTB Trails are home of South Coast United MTB Inc. (SCUM) Club. After being almost entirely burnt out during the 2019/2020 bushfires, Coondoo is now fully restored and we are truly stoked to return with the GP. We would like to thank the NSW Forestry Corporation and the SCUM Club for their support.



IMPORTANT: Shimano MTB GP Nowra entry rules

As per current NSW health regulations in place, you need to be fully vaccinated in order to race unless you are under 16 years old or have a medical exemption. We are required to check vaccination status before we can hand out your race plate.

Those rules also apply to spectators and supporters.

We can only put on the event right now by adhering to those rules. Please refer to our “Return to Racing News” for more details.

Riders from previous rounds with transfers, please check the rider list that your name is on it. Click on this link to check the RIDER LIST.

Key things to remember:

  • Maintain social distancing at all times in the open air event hub and when purchasing food and drinks.
  • We are tracking all event participants – ANY competitor or visitor at the venue is required to Check-In by using the QR code posters available around the event hub.
  • We understand that the current Covid regulations and vaccination requirement at this event may mean tough circumstances for some. Please get in touch via email to ride@rockytrailentertainment.com or our online chat on the website to request a race credit or refund if you cannot attend at this time.

Event Introduction

The Shimano GP format provides a ‘seriously fun” racing experience for all.

  • Registrations open at 7:30 am and our team is there to help make the sign-on process as smoothly as possible so that you’re ready to line-up at the start for an exciting race!
  • Riders will be called to the start at approximately 8:45am near the registration area.
  • Race grid is self-seeded and we ask riders to be reasonable as no 4 or 6 hr race has ever been won in the first kilometres.
  • Racing will start at 9am.
  • Presentations for the 4 hr race will be as soon after 1pm as possible (approximately 1:45pm).
  • Presentations for the 6hr race will be as soon as the last rider has finished their last lap.
  • Series award points will be allocated and awarded for the last round of 2021.

We can’t wait to see you smashing it! – Remember, your race photos are included in your entry, be sure to download them after the race and share your stories using:



ABOUT the venue

We are racing at Coondoo with thanks to the local SCUM South Coast United Mountain Bikers. Located just south of Nowra this trail is fast and flowy with little climbing per lap. The area is managed by the Forestry CorporationCamping is allowed at this venue.

Getting there:
Turn onto Forest Road from the Princes Highway (A1); continue 200m along Forest Rd.
Turn Right into Western Road.
Continue approx. 1km along Western Road until a major junction with Coondoo Road (un-signposted). The trail head is 30m along Coondoo Road on the Left.

So what do I need to do?

  • Arrive early – we expect over 250+ riders.
  • Registration will open from 7.30am.
  • Team tents are welcome. Please check in with our team, if you need help to find a spot.
  • Parking: near event centre, follow instructions by parking marshalls as you enter the park.

Race track

Please click below or visit the event website for the race track map and event centre location:

It’s still the fast flowing track that everyone loved in previous years, but now there’s dual track areas for more overtaking opportunities, new bridges and more berms. This all means more fun and more flow. There’s still some of the old, with the standout feature timber berm being rebuilt, but this has been complimented by lots of new features and new lines. This fast and incredibly fun track will surely delight. To add to the features of the area, Coondoo now has a dedicated parking area plus a pump track. There is something to please everyone!

Event format

For those of you, for whom this will be the first Rocky Trail event, we differ from most other events by offering a much more relaxed format.

4+6 Hour Lap Racing

Solo racers and pairs teams race for four (GP4) or six (GP6) hours across age categories for adults and junior shredders.

Age Categories + GC

Racers receive a placing in their age category and in an online General Classification (GC).
There are age-group and eBike categories.

How does it work?

  • Most laps per solo rider or team in the least amount of time wins.
  • The race track is closed at 1pm for 4 hour racers and at 3pm for 6 hour racers – you may still start another lap before that cut-off and that lap still counts.
  • There are age-group and eBike categories – eBikers: only eBikes that conform with the Australian standards are allowed at our events.
  • Expect less of a winners-only-focused competition, but a positive and inclusive experience for all racers.
Rocky Trail Shimano GP, Awaba, 2021

Schedule – for all participants


Tracks will be marked from midday. You may ride the trails. Rocky Trail crew will be on-site.


7:15-8:45 am Registration open to pick up your number plate
8.45 am Rider call up, be race ready.
9 am Race start
approx. 11 am Kids race
1.00pm Race finish – GP4 hour
2.00pm Est. Ceremony GP4 hour
3.00pm Race finish – GP6 hour
4.00pm Est. Ceremony GP6 hour

approx. 4.00pm Last Rider and Sweeper across the line and event finishes.


  • You can check your race results on your phone as soon as you cross the timing mat/finish line after every lap – we have LIVE TIMING, so also everyone back home on the couch  can check your racing progress throughout the day.
  • When you finish your 4 or 6 hour race do check those results and laps.
  • If you’re on a podium, please wait for the presentation to receive your series race plate and the NSW Series presentation to award our dedicated riders.

2021 NSW Shimano GP Series Awards

Series podium getters will receive custom Dirtsurfer Mudguards with the placing and Rider Name. Below is an example from the QLD Series, which finished earlier this year.

Eligibility: you must have 3 results in this year’s NSW/aCT Series to be eligible for a placing.

How many races count:

  • Our race committee had a lengthy discussion about this. It’s been such a tough season for everyone – with the series points all our arrangements/plans have been thrown around and the vast majority of racers have been impacted some way or another. We were faced with trying to come up with a fair way of slicing and dicing the events or points or scores or the decision to cancel the entire series points score for this year. None of those options would have been fair.
  • We decided to have all events that did run count: Stromlo, Awaba, Glenrock, Jolly Nose and this final Nowra race. (The Kempsey race was dropped from the score, as the majority of racers had to enter lockdown on the original race day in June.) We know this is not fair either, however, it might just give us a good-news story here or there and closure of this messed up 2021 above all.
  • We are confident to have a much more consistent season in 2022.

Event Support:

What can you expect:

  • A well-marked course – watch out for caution signs in technical areas
  • A large transition area
  • Medical: Medics will be on site for the duration of event with roaming marshals out assisting across the day.
  • Toilets: Portable toilets will be provided at the event hub.
  • WATER: Please bring your own supply, emergency rations available on-site.
  • Neutral tech support by Fizo Cycling
  • Food/Drinks/Coffee will be available on site.
  • Rocky Trail Radio powered by earSHOTS – DJ Nige will be smashing out a session for us!

Rocky Trail Merchandise:

  • Get cool Rocky Trail T-shirts ($35) and warm hoodies ($65) for that post-race recovery chill!
  • Socks $15
  • Mudguards $20
  • NEW Rocky Trail hats made from recycled materials “eco-choice” – $30
  • Available from the Rocky Trail rego desk all weekend!

Event Photos:

Outer Image Collective photographers will be on site to snap that action photo you have been dreaming about.

Volunteers welcome

Rocky Trail is always looking for crew to support the riders. If you can lend a hand please complete our online form https://rockytrailentertainment.com/home/volunteering/ or contact Jo at jo@rockytrailentertainment.com to be part of the team. Riders luv seeing supporters at our events.


14-24 degrees with showers predicted on Thu and Friday, which are predicted to ease for race day.

Event updates during the race / weekend:

We always announce any major updates mainly via the FB event page, as well as our news blog and email newsletters:

Emergency contacts:

Race Director – Martin Wisata 0403 090 952
Event Officer – Annette Taylor
Communications & General Inquiries – Juliane Wisata 0416 737 972

General Race Regulations

  • We have seen an exciting and amazing influx of new competitors at Rocky Trail events an especially as we move into new regions with our races, we want to be very clear about this: EVERY competitor has a right to be out on track.
    • The fast and semi-pro racers need to be (and would be from their experience) aware that especially at a lap race, a podium position is not won by one or two seconds that you might loose by overtaking a slower rider in a respectful and friendly manner. Call out to the rider or runner ahead of you, tell them you are there and that you will move past on which side.
    • For casual racers, please respect the fast guys too – sometimes the fast riders see a gap that you don’t and they have the confidence that they can overtake you safely. Trust in their judgement. – At the same time, stand your ground, no need to stop completely, move to the side and let them pass. You will find you’ll get into a flow and a rhythm.
    • We appreciate every racer and we have been building the Rocky Trail community for over a decade – we are grateful to have you all racing with us.
    • Chat to our Event Managers if you have any questions.
  • We love to help and chat! Our staff at rego and at the starts are there to help. Talk to them.
  • No cheating! You need to stay on the race track. No cheating or ‘sneaky pro lines’ where you leave the track and reenter. Sugarbag trials are tight and twisty – please respect the environment.
  • Don’t litter – please take your rubbish back with you or throw it in the landfill or recycling bins we have near the registration tent.
  • Toilets will be cleaned and disinfect during the day. Please let us know if they need a clean.
  • Timing will be done with your timing chip – please ensure it is on your bike/attached to your chest and in the MTB that the plastic doesn’t touch any metal parts of your bike (e.g. don’t wrap the number plate around your handlebar).
  • You agreed to our RACE WAIVER when you registered online – here is a link to the RACE WAIVER again
  • Click here for DETAILED RACE RULES

COVID-specific Event Rules

How are we running this event and how do we keep you safe?

  • Social Distancing: Our main request is that you follow the Covid-Safe rules and regulations as laid out by the State Government and observe strict Social Distancing Rules throughout your race day. A lot of thought has gone into this Rider Briefing and we expect all competitors and non-racing visitors to comply with how this event will be run. It is very challenging and a privilege to host this event and participate in this race – we appreciate your cooperation.
  • Every competitor and visitor in the event centre is required to Check In via the Covid App:

Rocky Trail Covid-19 safety guidelines:

  1. BEFORE THE RACE: If any of the following applies please contact us immediately.
    We will transfer or refund your entry but you CAN NOT PARTICIPATE (racing or spectating) in the event:
    1. If you are not fully Covid-19 vaccinated unless you are under 16 years old or have a medical exemption. We are required to check vaccination status before we can hand out your race plate as per current NSW health regulations in place.
    2. If you are showing any signs of the cold or flu.
    3. If you have event the slightest fever (we have facilities on site to test and will send you home immediately if you have a fever).
    4. Please be aware that we will and are ready to shut down and postpone the event if direct Federal or State Health orders change in the event lead up until Friday.
    5. For details regarding event transfers or to cancel an entry, please refer to our policy.

Now, get ready!

Do you have any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

See. You. Soon.