Rocky Trail Academy: More events confirmed!

The Rocky Trail Academy is all about fostering the grass-roots development of the cycling sport. These events are part of our junior rider development program, which will be rolled out in the coming months.

The Junior MTB Grand Prix is the The Rocky Trail Academy lap race for little shredders from as young as five to under 15! This is a traditional XC lap race, where the juniors can pick however many laps they want to do. The system will not enforce age group or genders and riders and parents can choose, which distance they believe their juniors are comfortable racing.

The Rocky Trail academy Schools Comp events not only engage youth in healthy social and active recreation but brings a heightened appreciation of nature, the environment, self-reliance , self-learning and independence, all as part of riding a bike in the outdoors. It is all about encouraging students of all abilities to come and race with their mates in a safe and social environment. They will have an exciting racing experience and enjoy a fun event atmosphere together – great memories to share! Students will have the opportunity to test their riding ability across three skill areas – Endurance, Speed and Technical Skills.

Here is the line-up of events for October & November!

School partnership opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to partner with a local school in the delivery of a Rocky Trail Academy event in your region. Partner schools have the opportunity to provide Perpetual Event plaque, operate bbq to raise funds for school, opportunity to engage community student services into the event. If you are interested please contact Jo Parker at for further information.

Do you have any questions?

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