Junior MTB Grand Prix | Mt Crosby QLD | 24.10.2020

The Rocky Trail Academy lap race for little shredders.

Hi, I am Anthony!
I live my life on ‘rocky trails’ and this event is for you! Come and race your bike with us – you pick the lap and how many loops you want to do. Just like at an ice cream shop – there are two flavours and you choose how many scoops you want! We call them loops!
There will be lots of Bike Buddies out on course, helping you along and you can even bring your mum and dad to support you! Plus there are fun giveaways for every racer.
It’s time to be a #rockytrailracer – you will be so proud of what you can achieve! See you at Mt Crosby – Cheerio!

Hello MTB Families!

Rocky Trail Entertainment has been organising MTB events for over a decade and we always love putting on kids time trials around the event centres to keep our young visitors busy while mum and dad race in the ‘big events’. As soon as we started spreading the word about our Shimano MTB Grand Prix at Mt Crosby, which is a 4 and 7 hour cross-country race for solos and teams across many age groups from as young as 12 years, we were approached by the Coot-tha Kids MTB Club and the Kenmore MTB Club about their junior programmes in the area, so the idea for a “proper” Junior MTB Grand Prix was born.

It’s about building the children’s confidence in riding their bikes – the race plates will motivate them and nurture their community spirit in the sport we all love.

It’s the very first time that we are putting it on and we’re really excited to pin number plates on your juniors’ handlebars and get them onto a real Rocky Trail race track! We will create a fun and nurturing atmosphere with music and little giveaways to reward the children for their achievements and for being brave.

We look forward to meeting you and your little shredders!

Event format

The Rocky Trail Weekend Junior MTB Grand Prix is for little shredders from as young as five to under 15! This is a traditional XC lap race, where the juniors can pick however many laps they want to do. The system will not enforce age group or genders and riders and parents can choose, which distance they believe their juniors are comfortable racing.

Please find below a general guide to our classifications and challenges offered, including the distance and an estimation of the race duration for each to assist deciding which event is for your Rocky Trail Racer:

GP Grasshoppers at Mt Crosby:

  • Tough Two – 2 laps of the 1km course (2km). Targeted to the youngest riders (under 8’s) with a duration of between 10minutes and 20minutes.
  • Mighty Three – 3 laps of the 1km course (3km). Targeted to U10 and strong U8 riders and an expected duration of 15minutes to 25minutes.
  • Feisty Four – 4 laps of the 1km course (4km). Targeted to U10 with an expected duration of 20minutes to 30minutes.

GP Shredders at Mt Crosby:

  • Strong Six – 3 laps of the 2 km course (6km). Targeted to U13 and strong U10 riders and an expected duration of 25minutes to 35minutes.
  • Flying Eight – 4 Laps of the 2 km course (8km). Targeted to U15 and U13 with an expected duration of 30minutes to 45minutes.

Entry fee: $25

For your race entry of only $25 every rider will receive a Rocky Trail drink bottle for participation in the Junior MTB GP as well as the race plate as a memento. We will not be awarding prizes for winners.

For riders older than 15 who wish to “Be a #rockytrailracer” too we are hosting the Shimano MTB Grand Prix 4 and 7 hour race at Mt Crosby on the Sunday.

Check out the junior solo and team categories that we offer in the “big GP” here: >> Shimano MTB GP Categories


Tyamolum Scout Park MTB Trails – 31 Bunya Street (off Mt Crosby Road), Mt Crosby

Race track map to follow soon. – Please note, these trails may only be ridden during approved events at this stage and are not open to the public (yet).

Parking and Event Centre

  • Transition will be along much of the length the Bunya Street boundary.
  • Cars coming from the Brisbane side along Mount Crosby Road are asked to be cautious turning right onto Bunya Street.
  • Limited parking will be available inside the scout camp with ample overflow along Bunya Street. Please keep driveways clear.
  • Click on drop down below for the parking and event centre map. 👇
👉 Click here for parking and event centre map

Race tracks at Mt Crosby

  • A 1 km loops has been selected with minimum technical features and has been designed to be able to be ridden by all.
  • The extended 2km loop will be added for the older and more capable riders which will include some technical sections where “A”, “B” and even “C” lines may be selected by riders. “A” lines are the fastest and most technical and “C” lines the slowest and least technically challenging.

Event services


8 am – Event Village & Registration open
9:00am Tough Two Race
9:30am Mighty Three Race
10:10am Feisty Four Race
11:00am Strong Six Race
11:45am Flying Eight Race
12:30pm Event Closed

Please note that the starting times might change, depending on registration numbers. To keep up to date, please check back in here before the race, follow announcements via our Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter for direct updates. Thanks.


  • Passing: being friendly out on the track goes a long way. Let the rider you are about to pass know when and on which side. E.g. “rider coming up, passing on your right when you are ready”. Then say thanks and keep on smashing it. If you are being passed find the next best place to move to the side and let them pass.
  • If a race is deemed unsafe because of storm, rain, fire etc we will pause it, assess the situation and if possible restart it again when safe.
  • Riders must register before they will be allowed to practice.
  • Race numbers must be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. The number plate must be readable, so it must be fastened as flat as possible. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorised sponsors’ logos on numbers can result in a penalty. You can keep your number plate as a memento of your race.
  • All riders must wear a bike helmet that has been authorised by Australian Standards (or approved international standard) at all times when riding and racing. You will be required to wear fully enclosed foot wear and gloves are recommended.
  • Riders do not have to be a member of a cycling association or club to be allowed to race.
  • Riders are responsible to organise insurance cover for the race, if you wish. If you have any questions, please contact Event Manager Jo Parker at Rocky Trail Entertainment.
  • No garbage policy: please don’t litter out on the track. We will penalise you if we see you do it.
  • Riders are required to provide assistance to injured riders by staying with the injured rider until assistance arrives and notifying the next rider to inform the next track official. Riders providing assistance will be permitted to have a re-run even if the allocated time has elapsed.
  • Riders must be registered in their own name and not substitute for other riders without the prior consent of the race organiser.

Event News

News & Testimonials
Who is Anthony?

Event alert Sunday, 25 October Mt Crosby

Event News


“Our recent partnership with Rocky Trail Entertainment is of great benefit for our students undertaking their Certificate III in Active Volunteering. This qualification encourages students to become active members of their community and develop their own leadership potential. The recent race allowed our students to demonstrate the qualities of an effective volunteer. They enjoyed their day assisting in the race and would definitely want to return next year! A partnership like this is crucial for Nerang as it provides students the opportunity to build their volunteering hours which are crucial in attaining the qualification. Thanks to Rocky Trail Entertainment for making this happen.“

Daniel Alarcon,
Nerang State High School, Head of Department- Humanities

Via Email, November 2019

“The Rocky Trail Academy Gold Coast Schools Competition provided a great opportunity for our students to race against each other in a friendly, fun and very social format. While students raced each stage individually, they were still racing together as a school for the overall school title. This was by far the most enjoyable school activity our students have participated in this year!”

Michael Cooper
Nerang State High School, Teacher & MTB coordinator

Via Email, November 2019

Anthony is the official Rocky Trail mascot!

This little fella has been hanging out on ‘rocky trails’ with us for quite some time.

Anthony got his name from a bunch of wonderful kids at one of our Jetblack 24 Hour events – we had some activities for them them and we had a competition going to name our ant. – And ANThony he has been called ever since thanks to the brilliant minds of those kids!

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