Announcement: Rocky Trail Async Racing

‘When something doesn’t work change the plan, not the goal.’

That is one of our teachings of our Entrepreneurship course at uni and after 2020 we will have material for another whole course on crisis management next year, that’s for sure! Pivoting, adjusting and dealing with tough situations. Our aim is to show our students how it can be done, that you should not give up easily and when you feel down that you can pick yourself up again and get back into the fight.

This is what we are doing right now: getting back into the fight. We refuse to let this tough situation the event industry is in get the better of us. As I won’t be able to race events like the Crocodile Trophy this year I know exactly what it feels like to loose motivation to train and if we can give that motivation back to some of you we are achieving our new goals for 2020. It’s not just about putting on events anymore, making some money, having a good time doing it. It’s about mental well being, business survival, giving the Rocky Trail Family – racers, supporters and crew! – a day out where you can do what you love, get your heart pumping, get the adrenaline up and race!

This is our motivation and over the last few days we were yet again working on how we can produce events that tick all the necessary boxes of 2020 while still giving you the rush you only get once you pin on a number plate to the handlebar.

This is a teaser and what we are working on right now for the Fox Superflow sealed by Stan’s, the AMB100 and the Mitas Terra in the Berra in Canberra is called:

Rocky Trail ASYNC Racing

We will let you in on the details in the coming days, but just wanted to let you know to start training 🙂

Martin and the Rocky Trail team