Rocky Trail Racing returns to Mongolia Bike Challenge in 2018

For the second time since 2016 Martin Wisata is set to compete at the Mongolia Bike Challenge in 2018 – this event is organised by an Italian and former Crocodile Trophy competitor and goes through the amazing surrounds of Ulaan Bataar. The MBC is a 6-stage long and challenging race, open both to professionals racers and amateurs, that will take place entirely in the lonely steppes of Mongolia from which, in the XIII century, the local herdsmen departed led by the valiant Gengis Khan in a short-lived but also fast conquest of central Europe, China and the Middle East.

> VIDEO: What awaits Martin at the MBC

Martin in the MBC Team Leader jersey in 2016. Photo: MBC

He will be racing as an official owayo Ambassador – the clothing will perfectly suit the variable weather and racing conditions he will face in the harsh and unforgiving landscapes of Mongolia.

“I will bring four sets of owayo kits as well as a thin vest and also the softshell cycling jacket and vest to keep me warm in the mornings and evenings. I have found the owayo super comfortable to race and train in!”

Here are links to Martin’s owayo items, which he put to the test only recently at the Belgian MTB Challenge:

> owayo C5 jersey

> owayo C5 bib PRO

> owayo Gilets (Wind Vests) CVG5 Pro

> owayo Softshell Jackets CJS5 Pro

> owayo Softshell Vest CVS5 Pro



owayo Ambassador Martin Wisata at the Belgian MTB Challenge in May 2018. Photo: Sportograf

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