Rocky Trail #Season2017 in Pictures – A Review

Ten years ago around Christmas, we got together our mountain bike friends for a festive barbecue that served as a research focus group to decide on a name for our events business vision. Over Martin’s very first “Turducken”, way too much gravy and cake as well as heated arguments and passionate discussions, Rocky Trail Entertainment was born in our friend Richard’s backyard in Annandale just around the corner from our first “Rocky Trail HQ” in Leichhardt.

As the New Year draws closer, those memories have become even more vivid in our minds as we are so proud and thankful to have such an amazing crowd of #rockytrailracers and supporters and sponsors and friends around us – the 2017 season was a memorable one and we would like to share some of those unforgettable moments with you as captured throughout the year by the talented OuterImage-crew: Gilbert Romane and Richard McGibbon.

Come onto a journey through 2017 with us – 20 races, 20 awesome weekends out on rocky trails – Enjoy!


Rocky Trail “Hero Pics” 2017 and why we love ’em

(Scroll down for all photos with captions.)

1. Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s – Killingworth, Newcastle NSW / January

…because this photo so perfectly captures what we want our Fox Superflow events, sealed by Stan’s, to be about: mates riding and racing together.
… because Brock Newling just nails this section at Killi.

2. JetBlack 24 Hour, Awaba MTB Park, Olney State Forest NSW / February

…because we had the biggest “crowd” at the kids race that weekend – almost 30 of them turned up, a huge shout-out to the parents of this shredder who ran with him for four 800m laps on the junior loop at Awaba because he couldn’t get enough of it!
…because this shows the team spirit of 24-hour racing.


3. Shimano MTB Grand Prix, Glenrock State Conservation Area, Newcastle NSW / February

…because we love how focused Briony is on this pic.
…because that’s just an awesome view at Glenrock (if you have time to look up!).

4+5. Rocky Trail Gravity Weekend, Thredbo MTB Park, Thredbo NSW / April

…because we can smell the Alpine RedAss Downhill air just looking at this pic.
…because our junior racers and their buddies at the Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s are awesome!

6. Shimano MTB Grand Prix, Rydal Showgrounds, Lidsdale State Forest near Lithgow NSW / April

…because we love the jerseys!
…because this is one of the coolest shots from Rydal and we’ll be heading there in March for the JetBlack 24 Hour!

7. AMB 100 Marathon, Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra ACT /April

…because this IS Stromlo!
…because the colours are amazing in front of the iconic Canberra backdrop.

8. Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s, Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra ACT / April

…because we had such a huge crowd at Stromlo that day!
…because he shreddin’!!

9. Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s, Ourimbah State Forest, Wyong NSW / July

…because this #rockytrailracer is in the zone!
…because we love how the sun comes through the trees behind Jon.

10. Shimano MTB Grand Prix, Ourimbah State Forest, Wyong NSW / July

…because this was such an impressive start at Ourimbah.
…because it’s awesome to get a view INSIDE the racing pack.


11. Shimano MTB Grand Prix, Singleton NSW / August

…because these two were fighting for positions all day.
…because Owen owns this bit of track!

12+13. Rocky Trail Gravity Weekend, Greenvalley’s MTB Park, Tongarra NSW / August

…because Anthony leaves nothing out on track at the Fox Superflow.
…because of the cool move towards the RedAss Downhill finish line.

14. Shimano MTB Grand Prix, Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra ACT / August+

…because Jenni is on the chase.
…because this is one of THE Canberran racing legends with a Rocky Trail race plate on.

15. Elite Sprint Cup, Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra ACT / August

…because we love how this racing wife and husband team came all the way from Brisbane for the weekend!
…because U23 racer Zoe took out the entire women’s field.


16. Diamonds in the Dirt Women’s Only Event, Ourimbah State Forest, Wyong NSW / September

…because this was such a great family shot.
…because these girls are cheeky!


17. Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s, Dungog Common, Dungog NSW / October

…because of that smile.
…because of mates racing together.

18. RedAss Downhill State Series Finale, Litghow Pony Express, Lithgow NSW / October

…because it was a mudfest.
…because the downhill community stopped for a few moments to reflect before hitting the trails.


19. Fox Superflow, sealed by Stan’s, Kalateenee State Forest, Kempsey NSW / November

…because these guys had so much fun.
…because Sarah is sending it.

20. Jetblack 12 Hour, Mowbray Park Farm, Picton NSW / November

…because this is Martin’s favourite memory of 2017 – starting the race with Cosmo.
…because we love the sunset vibes.

Race with us into 2018 – see you out there on those rocky trails!

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