Rocky Trail-themed activities to keep you ‘entertained’ right now

updated: August 2021

Once again the Rocky Trail team is in hibernation with all our events suspended. Strange times indeed not just for us as business owners, employees and crew, but for everyone and our racers and supporters have certainly been on our minds a lot. So here we want to share some ideas that will hopefully keep you happy, busy and creative at home – and build up the anticipation for when the on-track action begins again!

1. Ride on your local rocky trails

n Australia we have been fortunate enough that we have been allowed to exercise outdoors and as mountain bikers could ride our local trails. So do embrace that freedom, ride within your means and observe the official regulations and guidelines.

Please do share your stories and experiences! We created hashtags so we can all follow each other’s adventures! Use and follow the hashtags below to share your rides and see what we and fellow #rockytrailracers have been up to!


Whenever you ride or race – share your excitement!


Our goal and challenge to you: 3 rides a week until we can race again!

2. Listen to Rocky Trail Radio

The best way to get the Rocky Trail race vibes straight into your living room, (home) office and to take them with you on your next training or fun ride! Our ‘entertainment manager’ DJ Mista Nige uploaded awesome “IsoSessionz” to the portal last year and there are brand-new playlists too, powered by earSHOTS!

3. Join our Strava Club

Stay connected with your ‘tribe’ in the Rocky Trail Community! Let’s log kilometers, vertical meters and smiles to send positive energy and good thoughts out to each other!! Get highlights of what, where, how far and long fellow #rockytrailracers are riding!

Join the Rocky Trail Racing Strava Club >

4. Get into our Strava Challenges

Members of the Rocky Trail Strava Club can additionally sign up for special challenges we put out.

With thanks to Luke from Double Strength we will be running a number of challenges over the next few weeks to keep us all connected and active and RIDING.

5. Watch skills videos

Get ready for Day X – this is when we announce the official countdown to the re-start of the 2020 Rocky Trail Season!

Our friends from Dynamic Motivation in Canberra share free skills videos on their website.
Watch free skills videos >

These guys not only run the shuttle services at Stromlo Forest Park, but also offer skills clinics and personalised training.
Check out their YouTube Channels with loooots more videos >

6. Watch Rocky Trail race highlights and videos

Rocky Trail YouTube Channel

Check out race highlights, videos and interviews!

7. Binge on mountain bike films and documentaries

We’ve been missing racing so much that not only have we been watching MTB videos, but also binged the Netflix documentary about the Formula 1! Be a fan or not, there are some awesome parallels when it comes to training, preparation and racing!

Of course, any Danny MacAskill Video on YouTube will keep you busy for ours and we found another nugget by an Austrian guy, Fabio Wibmer – check this out:

But the Aussies have been active too, sharing their ‘iso-stories’, like Tracey Hannah who shares her “Covid-life” – check out the video from 28 April, for instance.

And then, of course, our all-time favourite that came out of RedBull Bike TV – the one with Aussie DH legend Jack Moir and Rob Warner. Rob visits him at his Lake Macquarie home and also chats to one of his first mentors Tim Butler, incidently one of our very own comissaires and crew members (nice T-shirt, Butler!).

8. Delve into our Rocky Trail Talks

Last year during the shut-down we chatted to some riders in our community and are sharing their insights, including ways to deal with stressful situations like the current strains on mental health because of COVID-19.

9. Write a review about Rocky Trail events

If you have some spare time in between riding, posting photos and binging on Netflix or YouTube it would be awesome if you could share a review about our events!

Reviews not only help other riders hopefully to get into racing, but they will help us improve and evolve and keep delivering awesome events for you!

Send us an email

Send us an email with a testimonial.

Facebook Review

Post a review on Facebook.

Google Review

Write a review on Google.

10. Join the RT Family Group on Facebook

Join the Rocky Trail Family Facebook group to catch up with everyone!

Join RT Family

This is a private group for us to catch up and enjoy each other’s virtual company – also a place to get recommendations, ideas and share our riding and racing stories! We’d love to have you!

So, get your nose into a couple of those… and we’ll SEE you when racing begins! Cheerio!

Juliane Wisata
Juliane Wisata

Rocky Trail co-founder, mum and passionate baker, Juliane loves mountain biking and has been tipping her toes into trail running recently too.