#rockytraildestination: Mid-Season Trailer and Nowra we’re coming for you!

#whooop! We are taking the Shimano MTB GP to Nowra’s Coondoo mountain bike trails next!

Located 15 minutes South of Nowra, Coondoo is the original home of the South Coast United Mountain Bikers Inc. (SCUM) and their XC events. This is a very active club and they are on board to make it one of the best series rounds yet! Check out their website and Facebook portal to get a feel for the venue and trails and here is what they’ve told us about the race tracks:

What the local riders say:

Originally 6km in length, the course has been extended to enable events of various configurations and loop lengths (up to approximately 10km).

With a couple of small changes in altitude and plenty of course variation this is one of the jewels in the SCUM crown. Coondoo features on the SCUM annual XC event calendar as well as being utilised for our Endurance events.

Single Speeders can choose between a 16 or 18 tooth cog.

What it is like to ‘Be a #rockytrailracer’ at the Shimano MTB GP

This is the 2018 mid-season trailer and the footage was taken at the event on 23 June 2018 at Ourimbah State Forest. A crowd of 250 racers took part in the action, supported by the local Central Coast Council and with thanks to major sponsor, Shimano Cycling Australia.

To register, head to www.rockytrailentertainment.com


About the Shimano MTB Grand Prix Series:

The Shimano MTB Grand Prix is one of Australia’s longest-standing cross-country endurance racing series. Run by Rocky Trail Entertainment it combines several stand-alone 4 and 7 hour lap races at some of the most popular mountain bike trails across NSW and the ACT.